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"Will the UK Constitutional reform programme 'save' the state or hasten its demise."

semblies of Wales and Northern Ireland. The Upper Chamber of the Westminster Parliament itself, the House of Lords, has seen major constitutional change, and Greater London is receiving a Mayor and a ...

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In what ways and why are the Committees of the US Congress so much more Powerful than the Committees of the House of Commons?

a contrast as it is much easier for a bill to be passed in England, even with the oversight of the house of lords due to the massive majority being enjoyed by the Labour party at the moment. However ... as to go through the lottery of the committees.This is also quite the opposite of committees in the house of commons as these committees don't even get to be involved if a bill is considered to be of ...

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"The Constitutional Monarchy and Absolutism" --Improvements: Im not particularly a good closer. So a more elaborate conclusion could be in order...depending on what your specific question is.

ements with the monarchy. The Parliament, an advisement council for the Monarch, was made up of two houses. The House of Lords, a small and non-powerful house composed of the old nobility. The House o ... all and non-powerful house composed of the old nobility. The House of Commons, a large and powerful house composed of the rest of the population elected by property and wealth.Parliament's power was r ...

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Why the United States Constitution is Unique.

King or Queen is the figurehead while the Prime Minister and Parliament run the nation. The have a House of Lords and a House of Commons. There is no written document. There is not system of checks a ...

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Why has parliament (UK) been criticised for being insufficiently representative?

Parliament consists of two houses, the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The U.K is broken down into voting constituenci ... is broken down into voting constituencies and citizens living in each of them elect a member to the House of Commons. Almost all candidates in general elections belong to and stand on behalf of a part ... eneral elections belong to and stand on behalf of a party. The party that gains the majority in the House of Commons usually forms the government and the leader of that party the Prime Minister. All p ...

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Criminal Intention

Assess critically the importance of the decision of the House of Lords in Woollin [1999] AC 82, in understanding the concept of intention in English crimina ... eath or grievous bodily harm established the necessary intent to prove murder. It was agreed at the House of Lords that the fact that a state of affairs is correctly foreseen as a highly probable cons ... eal moral distinctions. Lord Mustill in his speech in Powell said, "" Once again, an appeal to this house has shown how badly our country needs a new law of homicide, or a new law of punishment for ho ...

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British politics

over a century the most visible features of British politics have remained the same: the unelected House of Lords, the government-dominated House of Commons, the major parties, the London based Civil ... and Wales and attempts at a political settlement in Northern Ireland. Hereditary membership of the House of Commons has also been abolished.Britain is a liberal-democracy. Liberal democracy means tha ...

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usands of British families forced them to install many new taxes. These taxes directly affected the House of Lords because these were the people who would be paying for the People's Budget. The Lords ... uldn't see how the Government could prevent women from getting the vote after the war ended. In the House of Commons in June 1917, the women's suffrage bill was debated. The idea that women were infer ...

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By 1928 all the essentials of democracy had been achieved. Discuss

l of electoral expenditure; the extension of the constituencies and the limitation of the powers of House of Lords. Several acts were introduced which accomplished these themes such as the Second Refo ... more equal. The Parliament Act of 1911 improved democracy sufficiently by reducing the power of the House of Lords and also the introduction of payment for MP's allowed more working class men to parti ...

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The legal position regarding the notion of separate legal entity and limited liability.

iability came into people's mind after they had pondered a lot from the case.In Salomon's case, the House of Lords held that: once the company registered, it is running business itself, not Mr Salomon ... litan Life Insurance Company Ltd v. Ure (1923) H.C.A.At some particular levels, the decision of the House of Lords in Salomon v Salomon & Co Ltd was not that positive. There was a scholar had ever ...

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British Parlament.

cellers whom the King needed to consult pursuing his policy. The British Parliament consists of the House of Lords and the House of Commons and the Queen as its head. The House of Commons plays the ma ... with its own leader and "shadow cabinet". The leader of the opposition is a recognized post in the House of Commons.The parliament and the monarch have different roles in the goverment and hey only m ...

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Review on Jeffery Archer "A Prison Diary"

perience about his life in "Belmarsh" a maximum security prison. Archer was a member of the British House of Lords before he was sentenced to four years of prison. During the four years, he had a lot ...

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Why did Guy Fawkes and his companions undertake this act of state terrorism? What did they hope to accomplish by it?

On November 5 1605, a cellar located under the House of Lords filled with dozens of barrels of gunpowder was primed to explode with the hope of res ... n would have probably been Charles, with Henry, Prince of Wales, presumably with his parents in the House of Lords. Thus they endeavoured to kidnap the young Duke. Provided the plan succeeded to this ... hereditary enemy. Catesby was determined to properly use this prejudice to his advantage. After the Houses of Lords and Commons were destroyed, he would proclaim to Londoners that Parliament was about ...

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Involvement of women in the Home Rule through Easter Uprising

Parliament in England constantly struggled with the Liberals. Home Rule Act was often vetoed by the House of Lords where Conservative majority ruled.In order to defeat the Conservatives, in 1912 the L ... f Irish nationalist pursuits. Through different procedures - where the Conservative majority of the House of Lords was decreased and the power of the House of Lords was reduced - the Home Rule Bill wa ...

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Theft By Deception

he first time, can anyone be said to have owned it previously. This point has now been taken by the House of Lords in Preddy where in the course of a mortgage fraud, a substantial deposit was made and ... ne has not been 'obtained by deception' because it has never' belonged to another' according to the House of Lords. NB the effect of this is overturned by the Theft Amendment Act 1996.c) D can obtain ...

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1974, s. 1).There are two types of excusals. 'As of right' refers to either MP's and members of the House of Lords; members of the medical professions and armed forces; members of certain religious bo ...

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Shift occurred in the way many American thought and felt about the British government and their own colonial governments before the Revolution

many forms of English government. The governor was like the King. The higher assembly was like the House of Lords and advised the governor, the lower assemble was like the House of Commons. This lowe ... colonial government). Made mandatory quartering acts (which was against their rights to not have to house soldiers during a time of peace). Although Britain hoped this would get their money back littl ...

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Discuss the extent to which public servants owe a duty of care under the tort of negligence

IntroductionThe tort of negligence was established by the House of Lords in Donoghue v Stevenson [1932]. In this case the claimant’s friend ordered a bot ... ecomposed snail fell out. The claimant became ill and sued the manufacturer of the ginger beer. The House of Lords held that manufacturers owe a duty of care to the consumers of their products and tha ... sought to limit the imposition of a duty of care. For example, in Murphy v Brentwood DC [1990] the House of Lords expressed concern about the ‘potentially extensive liability permitted’ und ...

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Do you think that the courts should have a statutory discretion to determine the effects of illegality in resulting trust cases?

ll be discussed as it would be impossible and impractical to discuss all the cases in this area.The House of Lords case, Tinsley v. Milligan# highlights the need, suggested by many commentators, that ... eed, suggested by many commentators, that reform is needed in this area. In this particular case, a house was brought with the money provided by two women, but was only put into the name of one of the ...

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1)the doctrine of incorporation and its exceptions 2)the division of powers between the Board of directors and the General Meeting

ioned doctrine of corporate personality. No case illustrated the above values better than the noted House of Lords decision in Salomon v. Salomon but, in some status, the courts have interfered to dis ... business should be treated as an agent , alias, or trustee of Mr Salomon. An appeal was made to the House of Lords after the verdict from the Court of Appeal and High Court.[1]Held to Lord Macnaghten ...

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