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"Looking For Alibrandi": Three charaters which showed personal courage are Josie, Katia and John. (From the book)

t form and should have instead been used to move though life.John was also very stressed out by the HSC. He had had enough of always having to do his best because it was expected of him. It also seeme ...

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HSC Area of Study Changing Self (Gwen Harwood).

HSC Changing SelfChange is inevitable, but the outcomes of change depend on an individual's response ...

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Business - management and change

Business StudiesHSC Topic 1: Business Management and ChangeManagement roles:1.Interpersonal role: Role relating to p ...

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Talk-back radio with ridley scott

1080 wordsHSC English AdvancedModule A: Comparative Study of Texts and Contexts Elective 2: In the wild.Talk-B ...

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Investigating circular motion

carrier 50-gram slot masses Metre ruleStopwatch Sticky tape Metre rule StringTHEORYAs in Jacaranda HSC Science Physics 2 p.54In this experiment when the rubber bung is moving in a circular motion and ... kg)v = instantaneous velocity of mass (m/sec)r = radius of circular motion (m)METHODAs in Jacaranda HSC Science Physics 2 p.54However instead of measuring the time for 10 revolutions, the time for 20 ...

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How did the composer of the contemporary text use the earlier version to say something new? Use Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' and Tom Stoppard's 'Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead'.

nts of Hamlet in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Ladies and gentlemen of the HSC board of examiners my name is Trisha LaBonte from Polly Fector High School and I've been asked t ...

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LOOKING FOR ALIBRANDI: by Melina Marchetta: Josephine is a realistic heroine because she has as many flaws as virtues. Discuss.

winning novel Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta. A teenage girl, preparing to complete her HSC at St. Martha's, is confronted by her father, who she has never seen before, and had moved to Ad ... here Josie's virtue of trust comes in also. When they swapped their thoughts, only to be read after HSC, they had to trust each other with their notes. The fact that she gets along with John Barton al ...

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HSC Economic Topic One SummaryGlobalization refers to the increasing economic integration between co ...

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How did the texts you studied help shape your definition of change

phine Alibrandi. Josie is in her final year of school and she has to deal with her mum and grandma, HSC, love, meeting her father for the first time and losing a friend. The novel shows Josie's change ...

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Crime Fiction HSC Notes: "The Murders in the Rue Morgue", "Big Sleep", "Inspector Hound", "The Other Side of Sorrow"

Crime Fiction HSCIntro*Thesis - Crime fiction genre maintained popularity throughout ages due to ability to evolve ...

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"Kahlil Messer.. Critique Of His Work..."

ve been expressed with mere words alone. Kahlil Messer, of Woolgoolga High School, has shown in his HSC assessment, the revelation of his true whole-hearted persona. An explanation of why his piece is ...

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