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Quebec, The Province, The People, The History

e Province, The People, The HistoryQuebec is a province in eastern Canada, bordered on the north by Hudson Strait and Ungava Bay; on the east by Labrador (Which is a part of Newfoundland), the Strait ... k, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, and Ontario; and on the west by Ontario, James Bay, and Hudson Bay.The name Quebec is derived from an Algonquian term for 'place where the river narrows,' r ...

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The Physical and Economic Geography Of Canada

Basin which drains to the Atlantic Ocean by way of the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River, the Hudson Bay Basin which drains northward into Hudson Bay via the Churchill, Nelson and Saskatchewan r ... idered a vast, saucer-shaped basin, bordered by mountainous lands on the west, east, and northeast. Hudson Bay and the lowlands along its southern shore form the central depression of this "saucer". S ...

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Wapusk National Park.

tional Park protects 11,475 km2 of land. It is located at the northern edge of where Manitoba meets Hudson Bay. The aboriginal inhabitants of the region today are Inuit, Dene and Cree, the three natio ... discovered the riches of the new world.Ecozone ComponentsThe Wapusk National Park is located in the Hudson Plains ecozone. This national park is marked by short cool summers and very long cold winters ...

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The Hudson Bay Company

ut there is only one that has lasted as long, been the most powerful, and been as successful as the Hudson's Bay Company.The quest for the North West Passage started in 1576 by a man known as Martin F ... rent times; failing each time he tried to find the Northwest Passage. These failures prompted Henry Hudson to try and find the North West Passage. Henry Hudson was the first man to successfully sail t ...

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An Extended Version Of My Previous Essay About Sandra Schmirler

there. The family later moved to Regina for about six months and then her father got another job in Hudson Bay. Marcia was involved in many activities in her school in her dad's hometown. That was the ... .When Marcia was only nine years old her parents enrolled her into the Cordwood curling bonspiel in Hudson Bay; this was her first time ever on a sheet of curling ice, and her team won that bonspiel. ...

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Nanook of the North (1922)

r daily struggle to survive in a harsh and unforgiving environment of an icy land near Inukjuaq, on Hudson Bay in arctic Quebec, Canada Eskimos (Inuit) included hunting, fishing, trading, and migratin ...

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History of Arctic Art

igin of Eskimo culture.Mathiassen's excavations2 revealed an ancient Eskimo culture to the north of Hudson Bay which Mathiassen called the Thule culture. As Mathiassen pointed out, this culture was fo ... he Fifth Thule Exped. 1921-24, vol 4. Copenhagen.3. Jenness Diamond. 1925. "A new Eskimo culture in Hudson Bay". Geogr. Rev. , vol. 15, no. 3, July.4. Jenness Diamond. 1928a. "Archeological investigat ...

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George Vancouver

sh Columbia. At that time he proved that no continuous channel exists between the Pacific Ocean and Hudson Bay, in northeast Canada. George Vancouver was born in King's Lynn, Norfolk, England o ...

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