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Critique of the Matrix movie.

e Nebuchadnezzar named Morpheus. There is an agent who is after the Matrix and the people in it and Hugo Weaving plays his character. The Agent is also very powerful.When Neo finds out about the Matri ...

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A review on The Matrix

The mind boggling film, The Matrix, starring Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss and Hugo Weaving and directed by Andy Wachowski was a successful film with an unforgettable plot. The ge ... s role as Neo's guide very well. He was very wise and encouraged Neo every step of the way. Sipher (Hugo Weaver) was the one who betrayed the group so he could go back to the matrix. He even killed tw ...

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The Matrix-critique and review

deal, his world without warning warps into a nightmare, as the agent whose name is Smith (played by Hugo Weaving) literally wipes Thomas's mouth off, leaving him speechless and in horror.The other age ...

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Matrix Theme Paper

ain Actors==-- Neo:Keanu Reeves Morpheus: Laurence Fishburne Trinity: Carrie-Anne Moss Agent Smith: Hugo Weaving Oracle: Gloria Foster Cypher: Joe Pantoliano Tank: Marcus Chong Apoc: Julian Arahanga M ...

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Carnival Paper

V for Vendetta directed by James McTeigue a Carnivalesque theme underlies within the plot, since V (Hugo Weaving) the main character creates a coup d etat against the totalitarian regime England in th ... h is broadcasting a fun and entertaining show. It is a show similar to that of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, in which the President of the country is giving a monologue. In this futuristic England ...

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V for Vendetta

tells the tale of a near future England run by an oppressive government and a man, known only as V (Hugo Weaving), who sets out to destroy it. V is a terrorist, and he achieves his goals by murder, su ... s totalitarian government.There were two characters that really stood out for me, first of being V. Hugo Weaving is simply incredible as V, acting underneath a stiff, somewhat silly mask that complete ...

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