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Michelangelo Sistine chapel how is it humanism.

his perch about 65 feet above the chapels floor. From This perch, he painted more then 300 massive human figures onto the 5,8000 square-foot ceiling. It was messy, tiring work. Michelangelo wrote the ... first man. One art historian pointed out, "An electric charge seemed to pass between their fingers."Humanists combined respect for classical learning with supreme confidence in human ability. Michelan ...

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Should "Huckleberry Finn" be taught in High Schools?

"At the heart of Huckleberry Finn lies a story about real human figures with genuine moral and ethical problems and decisions..." (Lauriat 26). This statement ... rotecting nature of Jim that makes him one of the most admirable characters in the novel: "...Jim's humanity makes him the novel's most appealing character. Jim fills a gap in Huck's life: he is the f ... Jim is given "one of the central voices in the novel and demonstrating Jim's capacity to feel deep, human emotions...revealing the fundamental reality of African American humanity" (Smith n.p.). Twain ...

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Biography of Fernando Botero

32 -Fernando Botero, the Colombian artist best known for his robust, inflated forms and exaggerated human figures, is both living history, and a living legend. Botero was born in Medelín, in th ... ounded forms, painted with smooth, almost invisible brushstrokes, puffing up to an exaggerated size human figures, natural features, and objects of all kinds, celebrating the life within them while mo ...

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Baroque Period Historical Background.

equires knowledge of its historical context. The 17th century could be called the first modern age. Human awareness of the world was continuously expanding. Many scientific discoveries influenced art; ... t at the center of the universe coincided in art with the rise of pure landscape painting devoid of human figures. The active trade and colonization policies of many European nations accounted for num ...

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Art Essay on Jane Alexander

ed (1982) where a conglomeration of wax, bone, plaster, steel, wood and paint vaguely resembles two human figures. By making the resemblance vague, Alexander lets the imagination of the viewer decide ... utilizes the viewers imagination to full capacity. In Untitled it was the vague resemblance of the human figure that created uneasiness, in The butcher Boys it was the minor, in comparison to Untitle ...

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