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Monoclonal Antibodies as Therapeutic Agents

f the Y is known as the Fc portion of the antibody. The stem's main role is to communicate with the human immune system so that it initiates a series of immunilogical responses. These initiated immuni ... ed immunilogical responses include ADCC (Antibody Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity) in which certain human immune system cells bind to the Fc via specific antibody binding receptors. These immune cells ...

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Biomedical approach to disease and medicalisation.

c means of investigation. Germ theory is based on the existence of antigens and their effect on the human immune system. The germ theory views all disease as having an identifiable biological cause th ... identifiable biological cause that is believed by Doctor's to produce the effect of illness in the human body (Browne, 1998, Cook, 1997, Giddens, 2001, Short, Sharman & Speedy, 1998). The cause o ...

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HIV/AIDS, Women's Human Rights and the Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS: The principal obstacles for the implementation of the Declaration in Georgia

HIV/AIDS, Women's Human Rights and the Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS:The principal obstacles for the implement ... on? Why cannot I?HIV-affected Georgian womanTwenty years have passed since the world first heard of Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS), which cause an incur ... y, another 15,000 acquire the virus (UN, 2001). There is no other disease so dangerous nowadays for human immune system as HIV. There is no other disease so frequently discussed and referred to by the ...

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Should tobacco be banned?

banned completely for three reasons as follows.In the first place, tobacco is extremely harmful to human health. More specially, it brings on a number of fatal diseases such as heart attack, lung can ... e reported to be deprived of their lives due to tobacco-related diseases.Moreover, it decreases the human immune system, which will surely, make it easier for people to catch other diseases as well. S ...

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Often scientific projects become embroiled in controversy. Discuss with reference to fairly recent examples.

to controversy. Whatever the invention might be, it is due to ethical values regarding the value to human life. However, science has also positively contributed and favoured such value.One of the fast ... s. The drugs include a monoclonal antibody, themselves lab-engineered immune system proteins, and a human immune system protein used to treat cancer and other conditions. Some might consider animal te ...

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Bacteria are an ancient and diverse form of life that have always been an integral part of the human body. The majority of bacteria are harmless, and some even helpful and necessary for the occur ... . Pathogenic bacteria have many structural characteristics that allow them to survive and grow in a human host. At the same time, the human immune system must be capable of suppressing the growth of t ...

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Should Malaria be eradicated?

would be a more effective use of the money then trying to prevent the disease. If one considers the human misery and economic costs the disease continues to cause, it is easy to see that time and mone ... the tricky nature of the parasite, which is constantly evolving, outwitting modern medicine and the human immune system, the development of a successful vaccine has been a slow process of trial and er ...

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Aids-related Cancers

RSAIDS-RELATED CANCERS ARE a group of cancers that are more prevalent in patients infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) than in the general population. HIV is a retrovirus, a virus cont ... ne system. The most common types of AIDS-related cancers are linked to oncogenic viruses. A healthy human immune system is better able to protect the body against oncogenic viruses and to stop or slow ...

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Causes and symptoms of varying types of diabetes

counting for more than 90 percent of all the diagnosed cases of type 1. Type 1 is a disorder of the human immune system that causes the body's immune system to attack the pancreas destroying its beta ...

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Corporate Risk Management

rldwide. That pandemic, which was exceptional, is considered one of the deadliest disease events in human history. Subsequent pandemics were much milder, with an estimated 2 million deaths in 1957 and ... s spreading as easily as normal influenza - by coughing and sneezing. Because the virus is new, the human immune system will have no pre-existing immunity. This makes it likely that people who contrac ...

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