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Convergence Of the Twain Essay hardy

er using diction, imagery, irony, and comparisons. For example, "In a solitude of the sea deep from human vanity" makes use of diction in order to convey a somber tone. The illustrative diction create ...

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Critic of "The Convergence of the Twain"

the sea bottom, a victim of the Immanent Will's rebuke. The pride that built the ship is phrased as human vanity, the pride of life, the opulent." It would than be understandable that Thomas Hardy wro ... a solitude of the sea" you get a real sense of being painfully alone. In the second line "Deep from human vanity," I get an image of being stranded in the sea or sinking deeply down into it. In the th ...

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Different use of poetic device to achieve one goal in "The rape of the lock"-Alexander Pope, "A Modest Proposal"-Jonathan Swift, "Candide"-Voltaire

o send the message to their readers.In "The rape of the lock" Alexander Pope uses mock epic to show human vanity and how sometimes people should be able to laugh at things instead of making it into a ... at things instead of making it into a big deal. Every epic has a god and goddesses to interfere in human matters, in this one Pope introduces "sylphs" to protect Belinda's curl. When the guys are pla ...

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