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The Skeletal System

short, flat, irregular and sesamoid. Long bones are longer than they are wide. Examples include the humerus and femur. Short bones are usually small and "roughly cube shaped with vertical and horizont ...

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Elbow Hyperextension.

s, bone structure and soft tissue structure. The bone structure is made up of three main bones; the Humerus, Radius, and Ulna. The humerus extends from the shoulder down to elbow joint. On the anterio ... oulder down to elbow joint. On the anterior side of the elbow, the capitellum is at the base of the humerus. Right above the capitellum on the lateral side is the lateral epicondyle. On the medial sid ...

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James Thurber

ok everything he did to a whole new level. These idea's came from his unique childhood and his very humerus family. It was mainly these things that shaped his writing. Thurber's writing style was made ...

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Skeletal System Bone Lab

nt, and it forms the shoulder (Tip Sheet #1). The scapula provides an attachment point for the arm (humerus) by being a ball and socket joint. This means the humerus' knob like structure acts as the b ... therefore the scapula allows for a large span of arm movement due to its unique structure.Bone #2: Humerus The humerus is another bone that is also found in the upper half of the body. It is similar ...

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