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Benefits of Electric and Hybrid cars.

ent. The two prominent alternative fueled vehicles yet brought up are the Electric car (EV) and the Hybrid electric car (HEV). The ultimate clean, efficient car is the EV, a vehicle powered by an elec ... asses that may provide a step-wise improvement in emissions. These are the Electric Vehicle and the Hybrid Electric Vehicle. Unlike an EV, an HEV utilizes the intermittent operation of a small engine ...

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Marketing Plan Phase II Paper

planning on establishing a new business unit in the automobile industry. Toyota is looking into the hybrid vehicles versus the standard gas vehicles. Toyota understands the need for vehicles however w ... ing to target the younger generation and those people who have long commutes from home to work. The hybrid technology of the Volta is compatible in high performance vehicles. This new vehicle can go f ...

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Energy Bill

r panels, $500 for home energy improvements, and from $500 to $3,400 in credits for the purchase of hybrid gasoline-electric cars or other "cleaner" vehicles.There are two types of solar panels the ma ... ther than writing a check to the electric company--the electric company will be writing you a check.Hybrid cars are a major fad right now considering the cost of fuel and the price tag on these vehicl ...

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Regression Analysis: Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid vehicles were a notion that environmentalists spoke about as a concept, which could increase ... gas mileage of vehicles, and conserve consumption of fossil fuels. According to Wikipedia, "Today's hybrid cars or hybrid electric vehicles are automobiles powered by internal combustion engines, but ... ith batteries recharged during driving and an electric motor to assist with power demand" (2005). "'Hybrids do not necessarily have to be plugged in, yet still deliver superior mileage and are environ ...

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Are Hybrids in the Fast Lane?

Executive SummaryAs business students, technology can help give us a competitive advantage. Hybrid cars are currently being developed, and here are the facts. Given what I've found out, what k ... nts be learning? As business students we should know how to communicate about new technologies like hybrids by paying attention, so we can lead in the future.Hybrid Cars & Competing TechnologiesTh ...

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Business action plan - NREL

vel each day is costing our company a lot of money. With the new technology that is available using hybrids and new types of diesel fuels we could save our company money and help save our environment ... nce we have 20 trucks in our fleet, we are spending $18,000 a month for fuel alone. By investing in hybrid or bio-diesel and practicing some good driving techniques we could cut that cost tremendously ...

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Advantages of the Toyota Hybrid Electric Vehicles Over the Other Car Manufacturing Companies.

s were not able to run the car for a long distance before recharging it.However, the new innovative hybrid electric vehicles which are introduced by Toyota, Honda, GM, Ford and Chrysler are very good ... Honda, GM, Ford and Chrysler are very good alternatives to the traditional gas-powered automobiles. Hybrid Electric vehicles can recharge themselves as you drive and get approximately double miles per ...

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More Efficient Cars

e in it, and thus have come up with different ways to combat this process such as the production of hybrid cars and the increased use of ethanol-based fuels.Carbon dioxide is not only a naturally occu ... facturing companies like Honda, Toyota, Lexus, and Kia to begin working on more "fuel efficient" or hybrid cars. These cars are leading in the race in efficiency in the automobile world as they provid ...

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