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The Hydra Constellation and It's Mythological Ties. (Astrology)

The Mythological HydraHydra is the Many Headed Monster and/or the Serpent of mythology. This enormous water snake cal ... ts home in the ancient days. It had nine large heads altogether. One of which was totally immortal. Hydra also possessed a breath that killed anything instantly on contact.Hydra's DiscoveryHydra was d ... h, 1771. However, Charles Messier accidentally gave a wrong position in the catalogue, which caused Hydra to go missing until 1959, when T.F. Morris identified it. There are two other alleged discover ...

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Compare the structure and Function o the cnidocyte in Cnidarians to the colloblast in the Ctenophores.

en the nematocyst is discharged, its cnidocyte is absorbed and a new one replaces it. In the Hydra, there are three functional types of nematocysts. First, Pentrants, these are comprised of a t ...

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Technological Developments on Weapons of Mass Destruction

iest forms of WMD's were developed by the ancient Greek hero Hercules after he slew the multiheaded Hydra. Adrienne Major argues that" stepping his arrows in the monsters venom, Hercules created ...

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Digestive System Evolution

ay quite different. Most invertebrates have adaptations in their digestive system to fit their diet.Hydra have an inner gastrodermis that is specialized for digestion. Enzymes released from gland cell ...

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Tissue Development: Phylum Cnidaria

ctoderm and endoderm. A middle layer, called mesoglea, is largely composed of a jellylike material. Hydra, jellyfish, sea anemones, and coral colonies belong to this diverse group. Members of this phy ... ommon along Canada's three shorelines. Fewer than 50 species can be found in freshwater ecosystems, hydra being one of the most commonly occurring cnidarians in our lakes and ponds.The evolutionary ad ...

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Hercules His 12 Quests

eturned to Eurystheus, wearing the skin of the lion as a cloak and the head as a helmet. The Hydra, or Water SerpenL Hercules was ordered next to slay the Hydra, a many-headed water serpent tha ... ny-headed water serpent that had taken a heavy toll in the country of Argos. The middle head of the Hydra was immortal, indestructible. Hercules attacked the monster valiantly, but as he struck off on ...

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Múzea. Významného ohlasu sa dočkala ichrealizácia pavilónu Hydra-Pier a design kancelárskeho nábytku pre firmu Knoll. Ich dielo bolo prezentovan& ...

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