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How agriculture cropped up

ated by James Mellaart from 1961 to 1965 and since 1993 has been excavated by British archaeologist Ian Hodder. I will concentrate on the site and review the material evidence for agriculture and dome ... y. Braidwood employed a zoologist, botanists, geologist, and a radiocarbon and ceramic-soils technician (Braidwood 1958:1420).Lewis Binford and Kent FlanneryAn alternative theory, advanced by Lewis Bi ...

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Annotated Bibliography: Evidence for a goddess cult at Catal Huyuk

in establishing a background knowledge of the site.Hodder, I.1996Çatalhöyük, Anatolian Archaeology 2: 6-7.This article is a brief summarization of the excavations done by Hodder and h ... the overall picture that is derived from the site.Hodder, I.1997Çatalhöyük, Anatolian Archaeology 3: 4-5.This article summarizes Hodder's findings at Catal Hoyuk in the 1997 excavati ...

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Evidence for a Goddess Cult at Çatal Hüyük

nducted at the site (Hodder in Hodder 1996:2). In 1993, excavations started again, this time led by Ian Hodder with the aim of answering the questions raised by Mellaart's earlier excavations, as well ... , within which the authors assert that at Çatal Hüyük and in "recently woven Anatolian textiles" there is evidence for an elaborate ideology "centred on a female deity, fertility, and ...

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