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Maffia Hit Man Richard Kuklinski.

ed fresh. The examiner found ice crystals inside the tissue of his body. That's how he got the name ICEMAN. Then in 1984 it was mister softee's turn to die. They argued over something and mister softe ... penalty. Some witnesses went to the stand . like rich patterson a guy who almost married one of the icemans daughters. He said that he had unknowingly transported a corpse to a place where they used t ...

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The Iceman

The Iceman, called Oetzi by his founders, is the oldest and besr preserved body from prehistory ever fou ... his shoulders. It is not his wown. With the help of a DNA test it was tested that the blood on the Iceman's shoulders had a different DNA structure than his own blood. There must have been somebody e ... ht have carried somebody else but they will never be sure about that.The archeologists analyzed the Iceman's artifacts as well such as a knife made of rocks, an ax with a copper blade, a bow and arrow ...

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Ice man - The theory behind his death

Iceman lived between 3363 BC and 2940 BC in the Stone Age. Since the bodies discovery on September 1 ... s discovery on September 19, 1999 by two German Hikers much controversy has surrounded the cause of Iceman's death. In the following paragraphs are my own personal recount of the happenings before Ice ... the ultimate cause of his death after reading many of the current theories.It is in my belief that Iceman was in the mountainous range undergoing a ritual ordeal, where he was provided with a copper ...

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How has the discovery of Iceman contributed to our understanding of Neolithic Italy/Austria?

body less than gently as they tried to pull it from the ice. A jackhammer tore chunks of flesh from iceman's left hip and damaged his thigh. The unfinished bow that he carried was broken into two piec ... archaeologist from the University of Innsbruck, Dr. Konrad Spindler, saw the copper axe found with Iceman and estimated it to be 4,000 years old-a relic of the Neolithic age-did anyone begin to compr ...

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The Significance of the discovery of the Iceman

The Iceman was discovered on the 19th September 1991 by a German couple, Helmut and Erika Simons, who we ... ught it was a discarded doll, but it was later found out to be an ancient traveler now known as the Iceman. The Iceman was quickly named Otzi, after the valley Otzhal that was north of his death site. ... he discovery of Otzi, many questions started arising, the main focus question was- Why else was the Iceman such a significant discovery? Many issues also came up; some issues to be discussed include t ...

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Who was Iceman?

Iceman was a chance find, 92m inside the Italian border by mountaineers, Erika and Helmut Simon. He ... ners, flint objects, his quiver and its contents. There are many theories which have developed over Iceman about his occupation, health, technology, lifestyle and origins.Many speculations have been d ... th, technology, lifestyle and origins.Many speculations have been drawn about the occupation of the Iceman but there are a few widely accepted theories. Probably the most received supposition is that ...

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The Alpine Iceman

The Alpine Iceman The "Iceman" as he was immediately named, or Homotyrolensis, as scientists call him, wa ... being ever found virtually intact." (Time, October 26, 1992) Archaeologists believe that the Iceman, nicknamed Otzi (from Otzal, the German name of a nearby valley), died about 3000 B.C.E.Once ...

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Ancient History: Preserved Human Remains - Study of Oetzi the Iceman and Lindow Man

he study of human remains has led to an insight into the person's life are Lindow Man and Oetzi the Iceman."Over the past centuries, remains of many hundreds of people - men, women, and children - hav ... lly controlled showcase. Lindow man is currently being kept on show in the British museum.Oetzi the Iceman was found near Hauslabjoch in the Otzal Alps on September 19, 1991, by Helmut and Erika Simon ...

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In the 1986 movie Top Gun, Tom cruise stars as

gle with his sexuality. When he gets to the flight school, he meets his rival for the top position, Iceman. Iceman has the favor of the rest of the men there. He represents the gay community, or the h ... e men there. He represents the gay community, or the homosexuality side of Maverick. Maverick?s and Iceman?s first interaction has them staring seductively at each other as they seemingly play hard to ...

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