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n East Anglia. To understand what happened, you have to go back to the idea of client kingship. The Iceni tribe, centred in the modern Norfolk, had reached an accommodation with the Romans, keeping th ... Romans, keeping their own territory in exchange for not making a fuss.Beginnings of the Revolt. The Iceni king, Prasutagas, decided that it would be prudent to make his will assigning half of his pers ...

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Boudicca: Just Ruler or power Mongering Tyrant

tury AD, there lived a warrior queen by the name of Boudicca. Flame-haired and proud, she ruled the Iceni. The lands she governed were located in what is now East Anglia; she had inherited them from h ... try and take any more.The Romans, however, had other ideas. The Roman governor stole the remaining Iceni lands, flogged Queen Boudicca, and raped her daughters). Needless to say, Boudicca was incense ...

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Causes of the Boudiccan Revolt (references to modern and ancient historians as well as archaeological evidence).

re more importantly the catalyst. Queen Boudicca's outrage would of been the final injustice to the Iceni tribe. Tacitus describes that the Celtic Icenians were willing to take some oppression but "no ... agrees that this was a factor; the mistreatment of Boudicca and her daughters was an insult to all Icenians.According to modern expert Allason-Jones it [the rapes] were also injustices by Roman Law. ...

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Assess the Nature of Interaction between Rome and the Celts

attle of wills and tactics existed within a larger battle between two ruthless armies.Boudicca, the Iceni Queen and of Roman decent, ruled over a small tribe of Britons who challenged the colonisation ... ans as well as the failure of the Romans to effectively govern British tribes. This resulted in the Iceni, Trinovante's and smaller tribes to Revolt which failed due to disorganised battle tactics. Th ...

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The Legendary Queen Boudica And The Iceni Tribe

The Legendary Queen Boudica and the Iceni Tribe Whenever discussing 'British history', the first things that usually come to mind are th ... s led by the notable Warrior Queen, Queen Boudica and the stalwart Celtic Tribe she controlled, the Iceni.In the days of the Roman-Britain era, during the first century when Rome wanted to rule everyt ... heir existed a very powerful and prosperous Celtic Tribe that lived in Eastern Britain known as the Iceni. Although the Romans were invading Britain, the Iceni Tribe remained friendly with the new inv ...

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“Historians constantly reinterpret the past”. Discuss this statement in relation to the changing interpretation of Boudicca.

rian Era. A particularly powerful image is one by Henry Courtney Selous, 'Boudicca Harangued by the Iceni' in 1843. This artwork2 shows Boudicca in a similar stance to the statue of her, standing triu ... ewed 16/6/12, Harangued by the Iceni by Henry Courtney Selous (1803-90), 1843, ...

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