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Biological Determinism

. Another fallacy can be illustrated by the statement provided by the author, which is built on the ideology of biological determinism: '. . . if most of the variation in, say, intelligence among indi ... es and rejects the fact that the intelligence is only affected by genes.2. We can characterises the ideology of biological determinism as an explanation of social, cultural and physical inadequacy amo ...

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Anthusser's notion of Interpellation and the Human Subject, with reference to Tillie Olsen's "I Stand Here Ironing".

through these ISA's that people are given both a sense of identity and an understanding of reality.Ideology, for Althusser 'represents the imaginary relationship of individuals to their real conditio ... y relationship of individuals to their real conditions of existence' (cited in Stevenson 1995: 37). Ideology transforms human beings into subjects, leading them to see themselves as self-determining a ...

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Which is the true religion of god? An essay not written according to any specific religion or faith. Just an important essay all human beings should read

erson is born in a circumstance which is not of his own choosing. The religion of his family or the ideology of the state is thrust upon him from the very beginning of his existence in this world. By ... eekers of truth often reach a point of confusion upon realizing that each and every religion, sect, ideology and philosophy claims to be the one only correct way for people. Indeed, they all contain s ...

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Mass Medai and SOcial Change

the social world.The mass media, in respect to the Marxist view, is looked at as a disseminator of ideology, where the owners or bourgeoisie spread ideas and information in a well controlled environm ... rgets markets and seeks to produce a buying mood and therefore any media is really a constructor of ideology. It really generates a co modification of culture.Many of us tend to believe that we are th ...

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Why is important to study the media, rather than simply consume it?

Bazalgette, 2000, pp.14). Thus, the focus of this essay will be on these aspects; how the theory of ideology and structuralism influence communication practices, and how media texts are interpreted in ... process of self-formation, which broadens and challenges individual's horizon of self-understanding.Ideology, a theoretical concept derived from Marxism is defined as "a kind of false consciousness, a ...

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Strategic Theories

1984). This debate had the effect of polarising the strategy schools of thought into the domain of ideology by considering environmental determinism and rational choice to be mutually exclusive (Hreb ... e of these theoretical paradigms by its whole-sale acceptance by managers can lead to an uncritical ideology within an organization in relation to its strategy for the management of quality. An altern ...

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Can people still rely on knowledge from experts?

fills a gap between the traditional materialistic world and the questioning spiritual one. Even an ideology that appears relatively new has history that shows how the dominant discourses have shaped ...

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media does not encourage us to be better people, but teaches us to conform to the image of consumer ideology. We no longer feel the need to acquire better human qualities, but commodities. We fall for ...

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Welfare Ideologies

uted is heavily influenced by dominant ideological principles of the Governing party but what is an ideology? Ideologies are philosophical beliefs that are used as a basis for political theory so from ... onsidered is that as society has evolved and become a complicated paradim for debate, so too has an ideology. Therefore, when we look at a particular idea or theory it may also incorporate other ideol ...

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The First Societies

the means of establishing an economic surplus, if it was not completely consumed by the members. An ideology began that motivated the producers of food to turn over part of their harvest to an individ ... e in these industrial societies. One of the new ideologies is democratic republicanism. This ideology refuted the hereditary monarchy of the agrarian societies. In agrarian societies, there wer ...

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Political Ideologies

oriented field of study, or discussion, are still under debate even today. Most of the debate about ideology is its definition. Briefly defined, Roskin says an ideology is a belief system that society ... these three ideologies have the most impact on our economic shaping today? Classic liberalism is an ideology, founded by Adam Smith, to keep government out of the economy. This later became known as c ...

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Tenants of Business

s built. Such is the case with building a successful company and cultivating a company vision. Core ideology is the primary foundation for creating successful companies. Core ideology defines a compan ... e ideology defines a company's essence and identity.Having established an identity through the core ideology, a company can articulate this ideology in a vision statement. The vision statement proffer ...

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AN ESSAY ON SOCIOLOGICAL CONCEPTS In Relation to the Book "Code of the Streets"

emselves as an integrated group. Here we find synergy.As the group is formed, it necessarily has an ideology. It refers to beliefs or a set of beliefs which rationalize, justify, and sanctify vested i ... sanctify by making them seem natural or inevitable. This, in sociological terms, is the concept of Ideology. These groups' vested interests are activities in need of rationalization, justification, a ...

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What is an ideology?

What is an ideology?"…the discourse which explains to us the nature of ideology is in many cases both a ... pt to understand them."   Rafael del Águila, Ideología y fascismo, 1982Ideology is one of the slipperier words in our political vocabulary (Wilkinson, 1992, p. 276). As a ... 92, p. 276). As a notion which first appeared in the late eighteenth-century France, the concept of ideology has undergone many transformations in the two centuries since then (Thompson, 1990, p. 2). ...

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