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Complex numbers

The simplest way to define a complex or imaginary number is a number that is a multiple of i in which i is defined by the property of i squa ... eve that i doesn't really exist, but is just a convenient mathematical fiction.This isn't the case. Imaginary numbers do exist. Despite their name, they are not really imaginary at all. (The name date ... ld be like to have a number system that contained square roots of negative numbers, hence the name "imaginary". Eventually it was realized that such a number system does in fact exist, but by then the ...

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Imaginary Numbers and Real Numbers

s intentioned to help in a good way but is not the truth. The same applies to many other words like imaginary numbers and real numbers. An imaginary number doesn't mean a non-existent number and a rea ... n't necessarily mean an existing number (or maybe it does in the sense that it really is a number). Imaginary numbers are no less "real" than real numbers.Imaginary numbers are numbers that can be wri ...

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Algebra Basics, Equations, and Mathematical Models

of a negative number. The solutions to the equation will then be complex numbers (i.e., involve the imaginary unit i).It is possible to complete a quadratic with an imaginary number. The kind of probl ... The kind of problematic solutions that would include the use of a quadratic formula ending with an imaginary number would be not be found in normal math or lower algebra. Often, they would found in e ...

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Lesson From Hizb Al-Tahrir

w void. For example the square root of 4 is 2 but what is the square root of minus 4? 2i this is an imaginary number and we cannot relate this to reality even though this is found my mathematical reas ...

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History of Complex Numbers

thematicians viewed complex numbers equations as nonsense due to that they were somehow considered "imaginary" and they didn't really solve anything of true matter as other systems did. By the mid-six ... ibute to cubic formulas. The definition of complex numbers basically mean that a real number and an imaginary number join together to form a solution of real numbers. Mathematicians also discovered th ...

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Math Research Paper on Fractals

tes of (x,y) in which the x-coordinate is any rational number, whereas the y-coordinate contains an imaginary number, denoted by "i". An imaginary number is the square root of a negative number. An ex ... c.Now, in order to visualize the Mandelbrot set as a fractal, we need to shift from real numbers to imaginary numbers. Mandelbrot used a complex plane as his graph, rather than the regular Cartesian p ...

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