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Islamic sects (Shiites & Sunnis) from a historical perspective outlining the key similarities and differences.

ictions and concepts. The main difference between Sunni Muslims and Shiites is in different view on Imamate. For Sunni Muslims the Imam is the spiritual and temporal head that is appointed by the will ... the spiritual and temporal head that is appointed by the will of the Muslim community. For Shiites Imam is the bearer of Divine paradise that is inherited by Ali's descendants (Al-Azmeh, Aziz, 12).Sh ...

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Against the war on Iraq.

merica is an enemy of the Islamic world and should be annihilated."said Baghdad's resident-in-chief Imam (head of the Mosque), in the Jemaiyah al-Iraq.The Bush administration officials have made plans ...

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Discuss the Main Problems between the Sunni and Shi'i Islam.

). These were in addition to the Shi'i schools, the most dominant of which is the Ithna 'Ashari (12 Imam) or Ja'fari madhhab. Islam has produced several interpretations of power and authority, the cru ... d oppression in Sunni communities; in response to this, in the eighth century CE, Ja'far, the sixth Imam (divinely ordained leader of the Shiite community) advocated taqqiya, or in other words the dis ...

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When Friends Hurt Each Other By Muhammad Alshareef, LL.B Shari'ah

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the MercifulImam Malik one day entered the Masjid after Asr. Towards the front of Masjid An-Nabawee he drew clos ... ne who enters the Masjid should not sit until he first prays 2 rakas as a salutation of the Masjid. Imam Malik was of the opinion however that Rasul Allahs forbiddance of praying after Asr took preced ... not pray the tahiyyatul Masjid if they entered between the Asr and Maghrib time.At that moment that Imam Malik sat down, a young boy had seen him sit without first praying the 2 raka's of Tahiyyatul M ...

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Music and Singing in the Light of the Quran and Sunnah by Abu Bilal Mustafa Al-Kanadi (Part 3)

The Maaliki jurisprudence and commentator, Al-Qurtubi , reports Ibn Khuwayz Mandaad as saying that Imam Maalik had learned singing and music as a small boy until his mother encouraged him to leave it ... r, Ar-Raafiee(d. 623 H). This is further corroborated by the accomplished Shaaffiite jurisprudence, Imam An-Nawawi(d. 676 H)in his Rowdah). Such is the correct view of the dependable scholars of the S ...

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Essay on Rags and Riches articls, explring the aritocratic Australian Culture

ociety; however, aspects of the working and lower class are silenced. The article focuses on Rafaat Imam as an example of a successful business man. It constructs Australian males as a species of more ... xtual reference to Hollywood, where labels equals beauty and success. The author interviewed Rafaat Imam over lunch at Tattersall's Club. This club is a male only club, where only the highly rich and ...

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Description- Appearance/ Dress- Speech

Imam Malik had the sophisticated appearance of a hero in a 60's high society movie.. He wore a black ... f dust on the hat. When the man entered our classroom with his father, I thought his father was the Imam and the Imam was an assistant. The man standing in front of us seemed to be much younger than I ...

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Sample Khutba

dependant on your intentions and every person will get the reward according to what he has intended.Imam Ibn Qayyim, May Allah have mercy on him said, that the most noble part of the body is the heart ... were, Oh Allah, the One Who changes hearts, stabilize our hearts to perform good actions and deeds.Imam Ibn Qayyim, May Allah have mercy on him said, If you can imagine the situation of the heart wit ...

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Intellectual life among the Ismailis: An Overview

by Ja?far al-Sadiq, and or to say in Bulliet?s words Ja?far al-Sadiq should considered as the first Imam, who is been defined by the doctrine of Shi?ism. According to him the Imam as defined by Ja?far ... divinely guided spiritual leader, who has an authority as vested in ?Ali?, to their descendent, and Imam is the only one who has a particular kind of knowledge (Hikmah), not available to ordinary huma ...

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against foreign threats to 'Dar-al Islam' or regimes within Islam that are deemed oppressive by an Imam (Bonner 15). Martyrdom is of high importance in Islamic theology. Female participation in this ... ujahid, or "struggler" is clearly male. In this Sunni work, there is less stress on the need for an Imam to call for Jihad, rather it is a personal obligation to volunteer (Bonner 25). When one looks ...

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A Look into Islam including interviews with local Muslims

ead of the family and without them (the elders), the younger generation would not be here.After the Imam called for prayers, which was an Arabic chant from the Qur’an asking that all present come ... s. After the first two prayers, which I learned were actually recitations from the Qur’an, the Imam faced the group and gave a speech about the qualities of a good Muslim. He mentioned that adher ...

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y Allah be pleased with them, uttered their intention.Place aSutrahbefore you: whether one is an Imam, or praying alone.You must face theQiblah,an act that is one of the conditions of prayer, ex ... se from theRuku', Raising your hands to the level of either your shoulders or ears, saying ( whetherImamor individual worshipper):Allah listens to those who praise him: As soon as you reach the stan ...

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