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Jim's progression from "a state of innocence" in the novel "Fly Away Peter" by David Malouf.

dly to have us acknowledge the innocence of Jim. In the silent relationship between Jim, Ashley and Imogen, but Malouf avoids being blunt and obvious by usage of prose and specific, perhaps unnecessar ... se and specific, perhaps unnecessary detail which bring us back to the present; such things such as Imogen's Camera and Jim's moustache. The observation of the birds, and the passion that all three sh ...

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Fly Away Peter Analysis

re intended them to.Through the young surfer, there is a sense of the rebirth of Jim spiritually in Imogen's mind. The young surfer at the end of the novel is essentially the "new" Jim for Imogen, alt ... re not the same person, it is as if Jim has dug through the earth to come back as the young surfer. Imogen recognises this, and understands that no matter what happens life goes on like the way waves ...

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Fly Away Peter

The novel follows the journey of three characters; Ashley the talented musician who owns the land, Imogen the photographer of the birds and the main character Jim, a self- contained young man who has ... risation used by Malouf throughout the narration led me to understand that the relationship between Imogen, Jim and Ashley at the sanctuary and also Jim, Clancy and the soldiers at war. These relation ...

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