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Life of Andrew Jackson, 7th president of USA

factors understood, Jackson's life and the times he lived in, will become clear to all. The important point to understand about most things in this world is the nature of their origins, Andrew ... outh. The Lake Champlain and Chesapeake Bay campaigns were easy victories for Britain, but the most important battle rested in New Orleans, even with their victories, the tide can turn with a win by G ...

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Steven Spielbergs Amistad

osure of history vindicates American justice as an ideological system.' I felt that this was a very important point. The film being a docudramatic representation of the times of United States slavery ... hey both represent climactic points in each film. Also, both scenes represent "self-definition,' an important part of both the slavery epidemic and the holocaust?important to those who were oppressed. ...

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Plato's "trial and death of socrates", Explains socrates view of self-examination (meditation) as the path to knowledge.

Knowledge as Self-ExaminationSocrates had an important point to make when he said," I do not think I know what I do not know." This was the reaso ... ered wise thought that they knew something when in fact they did not know it. This gave Socrates an important advantage over the other men in Athens. How can someone know the truth and gain mass amoun ... ouldn't one lack the ability to speak the philosophic language.Extensive self-examination is a very important factor in the process of learning how to speak the philosophic language for Socrates. This ...

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"Seeing a Color-Blind Future" by Patricia J. Williams.

exist" (pg. 4) is not a good method of dealing with problems that may arise in life. This is a very important point that is made. The practice of imagining situations away just so they do not get deal ... irst I thought it was kind of cool that society felt like the way we as African Americans spoke was important enough to give us our own separate language. The more I thought about it the more I realiz ...

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Write a literary insight essay about Guy De Maupassant's short story "The Necklace".

ing. However, the central discovery of the story, that the jewel is fake, is, perhaps, not the most important point of the story. The point of the story is that pride goes before a fall.In the opening ...

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Addiction to Computers ! Will this magic machine get us all addicted to it and make us spell-bound ?

le one without computers? Will the cashier blink to calculate 67+49 =? without this machine?Another important point is many youngsters today are addicted to computer games. They keep their eyes glued ...

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"Twelve Angry Men", by Reginald Rose.

verdict for a teenage boy who is being accused of killing his father. In the play there are 2 very important characters. These characters are Juror Number Three and Juror Number Eight. Number Three i ... to look everything over. He does not know yet if the boy is guilty or innocent. In this play a very important point is made. This point is: justice isn't justice if it is biased. Many times in this pl ...

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"Lord of the Flies" Philosophical Essay .

others so there is really no way to determine what's right or what's wrong for every one. The next important point that Mortimer discussed was that if you see real good in world and then desire it th ... agreed on anything. Jack thought that hunting is right, while Ralph believed that the fire is more important. William Golding wrote: "We'll go hunting every day-"..." You let the fie go out!"(70) Thi ...

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The developement of the silk road during the Han Dynasty.

ies that were traded, it is possible to see what stimulated the development of the Silk Road. It is important to look at the civilizations involved because a strong economy is required for trade to fl ... involved because a strong economy is required for trade to flourish. Political stability is also an important factor since trade is vulnerable to war and bandits. The second important point which must ...

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Robert Frost's "Mending Wall".

esn't appear that the narrator puts up much of an argument. I believe, the narrator's main and most important point is "Before I built a wall I'd ask to know/What I was walling in or walling out,/And ...

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" Lord of the Flies".

nature. The cycle of man's rise to power, or righteousness, and hisinevitable fall from grace is an important point that book provesagain and again, often comparing man with characters from the Bible ... .The author chooses to use an island as the setting for themajority of the story. "The island is an important symbol in all ofGolding's works. It suggests the isolation of man in a frightening andmyst ...

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Organized Crime in America

ell established and well educated elements in our society." In order to defend this statement, it's important to dissect many elements of organized crime and find it's direct links to this statement.F ... ents of organized crime and find it's direct links to this statement.First of all, I think the most important point that needs to be established, is that "success" is definitely an aspect of any form ...

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How and why did the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the US entry in World War

ged the way of war and was the first battle that made the most develops of technology. However, the important point of this war was what made the affection in course of the war. Indeed there are many ...

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Treaty of Versailles. DBQ

ly arrived at" freedom of seas, equality of trade, and self-determination for all peoples. His most important point, which was the last one (14th) called for international origination, a "League of Na ...

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The Morality of Abortion: Practically Proven

the first trimester that is the basic issue that cannot be sidestepped; it remains perhaps the most important point that must be addressed. We must decide whether the zygote-embryo-fetus that is growi ... fter we have examined these issues will we be able to decree the morality of abortion. It is important and necessary to note that an embryo is a living thing. Indeed, "life begins at conception ...

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Ernest Hemingway- female and male

ion. In fact, the protagonists conform to the aggressively male stereotype so dear to Hemingway. An important point that emerges from these 'love stories' in that they usually depict the love-relation ... ting, Nick feels that "Outside new the Marge business was no longer so tragic. It was not even very important. The wind blow everything like that away." This shows that the pain of separation is somet ...

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The "Roaring Twenties"

be taken upon Germany, he also made 14 points, all involving reparations, peace and land. His most important point was that of making a League of Nations to solve conflicts without armed actions.The ...

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The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

ts and Freedoms as an influential part of Canada being such a great place to live. Some of the most important point of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in the country are Equality Rights, Fundamenta ... and Legal Rights. The Canadian citizens have lots of right; the Equality right is one of the important rights. Canada is a country where many people treat their freedom of choice as a right and ...

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The White Sox Scandal: From Riches to Rags

minal charges and examine the facts concerning Joe Jackson's part in the scandal.The first and most important point of whether the players were actually innocent or guilty is easy to prove. On Septemb ...

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The Death Penalty

such irony in capital punishment as the slogan implies?WORD GAMESFirst of all, the slogan misses an important point. The death penalty does not punish people for killing, but for murder. Killing is ju ...

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