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The most important natural landmark in China

which makes it the most distinguishing landscape feature. During the tectonic plates' movement, the Indian plate crashed under into the Eurasian plate and the two edges squeezed upwards. The Himalayas ... ives there is another spirit that people worship. Because of the constant northward drifting of the Indian plate, the Himalayas has never stopped rising since its birth. Isn't it the same as the advan ...

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Living on the plate margins

n ranges are formed. The best example of this is the Himalayan Mountains. They were formed when the Indian Plate crashed into the European Plate. The two are still being forced into each other, and th ...

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Human Evolution and Climate Change Broad Topic: Climate Change and Evolution

d therefore changing the availability of certain resources (Climate Effects on Human Evolution).The Indian Plate slamming into the Asian plate created the Himalayas that changed the pattern of rainfal ... as that changed the pattern of rainfall, bringing in never before seen amounts of rainfall into the Indian and African subcontinents (Walking with Cavemen).D. Hypotheses of evolutionHabitat-Specific H ...

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