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Indigenous language and culture: What role is played by communication technologies in the maintenance of indigenous language and culture?

Communication technologies can have an important role to play in the maintenance of indigenous language and culture. Whether this is a positive or a negative role depends largely on th ... negative role depends largely on the way in which the technology is introduced, used and controlled.Indigenous languages all over the world are in danger of extinction. 'Some linguists predict that... ... nction. 'Some linguists predict that... as many as 90% of the world's languages - most of which are indigenous - will cease to be spoken in the course of the next century (Krauss, M. 1992, in Maffi, L ...

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US/Canadian Native American Identities: A brief history and the identity dillema.

Americans and Their IdentitiesWhat is Native American? Does it mean that one is descended from the indigenous people who once lived 'peacefully' in North American before the Europeans invaded? Is thi ... laced and lost and therefore give reason to search.Native American identities can be defined by how indigenous peoples are viewed and how they view themselves. Few people know much about Native Americ ...

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Madrid is thecapital and largest city.PopulationThe Spanish people are essentially a mixture of the indigenous peoples of the Iberian Peninsula with thesuccessive peoples who conquered the peninsula a ...

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What does Globalization mean for Indigenous peoples? What effect will increased contact with the outside world have on already marginalized peoples?

ates the exchange of ideas and knowledge across borders to all peoples. But what does this mean for Indigenous peoples? As it is the indigenous people who already suffer the most discrimination and fa ... obalization and ColonizationAs Smith and Ward (2000:2-3) propose the key issue of globalization for indigenous people is control- control of land, knowledge, and the past, present and future. In short ...

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"The Significance of Myth in Ceremony"

when viewed from earth. Therefore, the myth is written off purely as a work of fiction and fantasy.Indigenous peoples throughout the world, however, look at their myths and folktales in quite another ...

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The history of Malaysia

al destination for immigrants as early as 5,000 years ago when the ancestors of the Orang Asli, the indigenous peoples of Peninsular Malaysia, settle here, probably the pioneers of a general movement ...

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Aboriginal resistance in australia.

own about the horrific atrocities that took place in the contact between invading colonists and the Indigenous Peoples of Australia.Here are the names of some of the most famous Aboriginal resistance ... nd they have never surrendered. There is no treaty signifying the cessation of hostilities. From an indigenous viewpoint the current government of Australia can be seen as the director of an occupatio ...

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Conrad's view's of imperialism as expressed in Heart of Darkness. AP literature essay

Conrad: Kill WhiteyIndigenous peoples of Africa die every day because of war, famine, and disease largely due to the le ...

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An essay on Philippines Racism and the norm of thinking that racists have. Includes examples of typical Filipino racism and stereotyping.

that some human races are superior to others.Did you know that the term "Mangyan", the name of the indigenous peoples in Mindoro comes from the Tagalog phrase: "mangmang iyan" meaning "that person is ...

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Panama: A Regional and Country Analysis While Panama is known mostly for it's famous canal, the country's natural attractions offer an irresistible lure to far-sighted travelers.

travelers. It is a proud nation that offers astounding wildlife adventures, that respects its seven indigenous peoples and that celebrates its Spanish heritage with frequent and colorful festivals. Th ... management, environment, agriculture, education and training, as well as developmental projects in indigenous communities.This country plans to increase the total volume of imports and re-exports, im ...

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Discuss: The ethical problems and issues faced by archaeology in terms of questions like "who owns the past?"

to treat human remains. Over the past few years, archaeologists have often come into conflict with indigenous peoples over the custody and handling of excavated human remains. In Belgium and France, ...

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Integration of Indigenous Knowledge and the Physical Sciences

ses resulting in the loss of valuable Aboriginal knowledge; the cornerstone of cultural identity of indigenous peoples.In the wake of the broken links between Indigenous Knowledge and its people, Indi ... spirituality and life.So how can educators assist Aboriginal students to gain access to Traditional Indigenous Knowledge and ways of thinking within the present Western scientific framework? Before at ...

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to the point that they have indeed abandoned the heart of their nationality, for how else could the indigenous peoples that have represented the essence of Australia for thousands of years be left to ... . However with the abolition of ATSIC and no efforts being made to reassemble another organisation, indigenous Australians have once again been shoved to the bottom of national importance, and left wi ...

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Ap English SUmmer Assignment "differences between Native american cultures"

Similarities and Differences Between Native American Cultures Native Americans are indigenous peoples that lived throughout the continent forthousands of years before the Europeans be ... mon good of the group. Native American cultures share certain traits that are common to many indigenouspeoples around the world. Yet, each Indian culture has its own distinct tribal identity; m ...

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Logging the rainforest

nd manage.In tropical countries, the process begins with the violation of the territorial rights of indigenous peoples and other traditional communities, who are the righteous owners of the forest. As ... nventions. At the same time, it also violates human rights commitments, including the protection of indigenous peoples' rights, and the commitments agreed upon at the 1995 Social Summit and the 1995 C ...

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Review on Self Determination for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

onal agreements Australia has agreed to, as well as the Draft Universal Declaration on the Right of Indigenous Peoples defines the right of self-determination as:1. All peoples have the right of self ... group of people claiming it. Therefore there is a clash of the governments wants and needs and the indigenous people's wants and needs within the legal system. With the above definitions the governme ...

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Reponse paper to Anthropology Editions Essay #7: Shakespeare in the Bush

in whether the "general plot and motivation of the greater tragedies would always be clear." As the indigenous peoples' reaction to Hamlet illustrates, this is not the case. Instead, the telling of th ...

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The idea of bioprospecting on Hawaiian taro plants is a growing issue amongst researchers and the indigenous peoples. This scientific discovery raises ethical questions regarding bioprospecting and ... if there were unlimited supplies of taro, the controversy between the University of Hawaii and the indigenous peoples would not occur."Bioprospecting stirs controversy", an article written by Associa ...

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The Order of the Solar Temple: an examination of the order of the solar temple, its practices and its decline.

world, within virtually every culture, there lies some form of belief in a greater power. From the indigenous peoples of the Brazilian rainforest to first world countries, we all incorporate some for ...

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Julie Dowling's "Uncle Freedom"

aboriginal.Julie Dowling’s artworks often show the history of Aboriginals to other Australian Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples; these often contain political messages about how indigenous p ... Julie Dowling did this artwork as a message to everyone, aboriginal or not, of the suffering of the indigenous peoples, and somehow trying to seek for the peace and equal rights Australians now have.O ...

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