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Charles Dickens' novel, Hard Times

ggle offact versus imagination and the struggle between two classes. It takes place inCoketown, and industrial-age English city. The novel is divided into two sections. Onedeals with the struggle of u ...

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What are the consequences of the breakdown of the traditional family for American society?

n morals, and values, taught them right from wrong and the consequences for their actions. With the industrial age, the man left the home to work in factories while the wife remained home to tend to t ...

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The impact of ICT on society.

IntroductionBefore the coming of the industrial revolution, the majority of jobs were in some way linked with agriculture. At this time, ... nked with agriculture. At this time, communication was solely by word of mouth or written text. The industrial age bought with it, demands for administration and paper work. As time went on, technolog ... uter controlled technology, employment patterns have changed considerably. The use of robots allows industrial processes to operate 24 hours a day, whilst saving companies money by cutting down on the ...

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Analysis of the First and Second Opium Wars.

As the western world is quickly stepping into the industrial age during the 17th and 18th century, the Far East civilizations have still remained in a ... led completely. The new reformers like Li HongZhang, Zeng GuoFan and Zuo ZongTang started a wave of industrialization and modernization in China. Li HongZhang first realizes that better education is t ... it succeed because it built a very strong basis for the later generations to work from. The Chinese industrialization really started right there, right after the Second Opium War.The Opium Wars can be ...

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The positive and negative effects of Russian Industrialization

Industrialization has been a key factor in the development of nations worldwide. Like every movement ... wide. Like every movement, industrialization is followed by both positive and negative effects. The industrialization of Russia was no exception to this theory.In 1861, under the rule of Alexander II, ... II, Russia moved into an active period of social and political reform that established the base for industrialization. It wasn't until the 1890's that Russia finally entered the industrial age. This w ...

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The ways in which human beings can conserve the environment.

rests providing oxygen and shelter, the rivers and oceans providing life sustainingwater. Until the industrial age, man's relationship with his environment had been abeneficial one, in which only what ... ever to the problem of deforestation there is only one solution: the severe regulationof logging in industrial countries. Although the outlook appears grim, mankind can stop,or at least slow down, wha ...

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Industrial Revolution technological advancements.

In perhaps one of the most critical turning points in the world's history, the Industrial Revolution ushered in an age of unparalleled technological advancements and economic expa ... so immense, that its impact can still be felt today. Lasting from the late1800s until the1960s, the industrial age dramatically altered almost every facet of life. Beginning with the growth of the ste ... tasks, the twentieth century began as the world's agrarian focus shifted to the mass production of industrial goods. For the first time in history the composition of the work force shifted as farmers ...

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Online Education

teraction.Compulsory education stops at the age of 15 in most nations. This was appropriate for the Industrial Age, where people often worked in the same profession their whole life, but is inadequate ...

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The industrial revolution transformed British popular culture, discuss.

The industrial revolution transformed British popular culture, discuss.The rural way of life in Britain, ... formed British popular culture, discuss.The rural way of life in Britain, seemed very secure before industrialisation. The set cultural and social values that were in place were set deep into tight-kn ... not communities which thrived upon tradition and mutual understanding between classes. But with the industrial age came changes. With both shifts in terms of demographic location and with attitudes to ...

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A comparison of knowledge age (post-modern) organizations with traditional, industrial age organizations.

A comparison of knowledge age (post-modern) organizations with traditional, industrial age organizationsOver recent years there has been a shift in thinking regarding the struc ... elleher M, Poell R (2004) European perspectives on the Learning Organization in Journal of European Industrial Training, Vol 28, Issue 1 pp 67 - 92Oakland JS (1999) Total Organizational Excellence Ach ...

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Karl Marx and His Theory of Alienation: How It Can be Applied to Modern Society.

ft mentioned Mr.Marx, is perhaps the most debated philosopher of the past century, and in this post-industrial age, the validity of his theories continue to questioned. As the labour force in develope ...

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A Christmas Carol

anted to make the world a better place through he writings.The Victorian time period brought on the industrial revolution. "On the one hand they admired the material benefits the industrialization had ... the industrialization had brought. On the other, they deplored the brutality of factory life and of industrial slums"(Bowler 689). The Victorian writers often exposed the industrial slums and darkness ...

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An essay discussing to which extent economic change during 1789-1939 was a factor in the changing nature of anti-Semitism.

The modern industrial age brought along with it a whole new school of thought, thought based on science and rat ... ons and wars that took place during this period all helped shape this new form of anti-Semitism.The industrial boom of the 19th Century coincided with the emancipation of the Jews. The process by whic ... ed mainstream society created a disturbing reaction in those classes who felt threatened by the new industrial society: clerics, landowners and lower-middle-class artisans. Jews, who were by no means ...

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The Effects of African Colonialism

ted relationships betweens tribes which had not previously existed. It had introduced Africa to the industrial age, but it exploited Africa's resources for European countries' profit. [Formal medicine ...

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Antoni Gaudi: Casa Mila and La Sagrada Familia and Twentieth Century Technology

The Art Nouveau Movement began in the early 1890's as a reaction against the technologies of the industrial age. Free-flowing, curved, biomorphic forms gave inspiration to the architects of Art Nou ... iacute;'s fascination with natural forms was spawned as a reaction against the geometric shapes and industrialization that was taking over the twentieth century.Unlike Gaudí's other works, the ...

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A Christmas Carol

aid by Ebenezer Scrooge, which means nonsense, describe the conditions of the poor during the early industrial society. The wealthy during the industrial revolution didn't care at all for the state of ... Dickens uses Ebenezer Scrooge in the movie A Christmas Carol, to signify what was wrong with early industrial society, how Scrooge transforms into a new man as the story progresses, and uses his tran ...

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How did White Explorers View the Australian landscape?

own that European attitudes towards the Australian landscape are a manifestation of the White man's industrial age.The European men who discovered and explored Australia belonged to the Industrial Age ... d beautiful landscape as it was. Unlike the Aborigines, the white explorer, who was mentally in the industrial age, saw the Australian landscape at best amazing but usually as uninhabitable. The moder ...

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As the Industrial Revolution drastically changed the way man manipulated his environment, the resultant cha ... were not ready for the innovative and pioneering work of these artists. Changes upon changes of the Industrial age sent man's reality into a spin. Every Page 3 aspect of life had to evolve with these ... ife had to evolve with these changes, including that of the artist. It was inevitable that once the Industrial Revolution had pervaded the collective conscience of the contemporary art world, the arts ...

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NASA: Past, Present And Future

recently, the last several decades, our thoughts were at best, guesses. With the beginning of the industrial age and the technological revolution came more information about outer space than we coul ...

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About Nothing

etaries, surrounded by rows of same-sized private offices. This arrangement was an extension of the Industrial Age factory model. In the 1990's office, spaces are significantly being refined to integr ...

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