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'Critically assess labour process theory'

r and Monopoly Capital, the impact of labour process analysis has been experienced in the fields of industrial sociology, organisational theory, industrial relations, labour economics, politics and bu ... ment. One of the reasons why it would seem that de-skilling has taken place would be because of the industrial revolution and the increasing automation of the production line. This has lead to tasks b ...

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Does the continued development of Human Resource Management mean the end for trade unions?

ought about in the organisation with the emergence of trade unions in comparison to the effect from industrial relations. The unitarist approach of the human resource management and the pluralist appr ... anagers in such that that they do not hire the wrong person for the job. (Raymond, J. Stone, pg ? ) Industrial relations is about the behavior and interaction of people at work. It is concerned with h ...

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Critically evaluate whether we live in a Fordist, Neo-Fordist or Post-Fordist society.

ff the assembly line and started in Ford's plant in Highland Park (Detroit) 90 years ago, the human industrial society began to change. Looking the same as any previous models, this Model-T was built ... ilt only in one and a half hours. The saved ninety percent of labour hour rapidly led to 'The First Industrial Divide' of the western world. Even today, how deeply this industrial revolution, the so-c ...

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"The Wallace Group" Strategic Management and Business Policy

clear plan and the expense (p. 2-6).The Most Important ProblemFrank Campbell, the Vice President of Industrial Relations, sums up the Wallace Group problem in a simple statement. He said, "Morale is r ... ng The Wallace Group will discover strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats regarding their industrial groups (Wheelen, p. 9).In conclusion, Harold Wallace needs to open his wallet. He's letti ...

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Trade untions in australia

discussed.In New South Wales, employers and employees can be covered by either the federal or state industrial relations systems, or they may be award free. However, recently Australia has been favour ... ed upon to hear the dispute. Awards are legally enforceable determinations made by federal or state industrial tribunals that set the terms of unemployment usually in a particular industry or occupati ...

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Rio Tintos Steel workers strike analysis, Sept-Isle Quebec 2004

had though moments implementing their new job evaluation performance. The Australian commission of industrial relations has ordered I.O.C to reinstate 178 employees fired due to mischief. Officials r ...

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What factors are likely to inhibit the strategic integration of an organisation's human resource policies with its business strategy?

erformed.SECTION 1: INTRODUCTIONHuman Resource Management (HRM) is the development of personnel and industrial relations function. It involves all management decisions that affect the relationship bet ... ed any potential conflicts of interest between workers and employers can be eliminated by effective industrial engineering techniques and incentive wage systems (Kochan and Barocci, 1985). Personnel w ...

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A report on the Equal Employment Legislation in Australia. Evaluates case study with regards to discrimination and harassment. Statistics and Recommendations outlined

ations will also be made to outline how the EEO situation can be improved. Through the key theme of Industrial relations, the report was written for the case study as there has been an increase in con ... y on them to make agreements about terms and conditions within their own environment and to use the Industrial Relations Commission only when an independent umpire is needed to make a decision (i.e wh ...

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Is Conflict Inevitable in the Employment Relationship?

ental and manual labour for rewards allocated by the employer (Encarta Encyclopaedia Deluxe. 2004). Industrial relations and human resource management advocates have traditionally held different views ... (Hyman, 1984). During the twelve months ended May 2003, there were 241,900 working days lost due to industrial disputes (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2003). Other forms of overt conflict include s ...

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punished on the basis of whether or not it does a profitable and efficient job. It must measure its industrial relations in the same way it measures everything else--production, financing, purchasing, ...

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Strategic HRM is a theoretical model rather than a practical reality. Discuss

AbstractThe essay that's undertaken presents the conflicting issues between Industrial Relations and Unitarism, which reflects a Strategic perspective. It was easily recognizab ... g into unitarism. What became blatantly clear is the conflicting interest between Strategic HRM and Industrial Relations, which ultimately reflected the trend of management simply putting HRM first, w ... ing HRM first, which excluded Industrial relations issues. Also, HRM was found as a means to bypass Industrial relations, this is evident through the Private sectors changing policies throughout time ...

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Economics - Australia and Labour Markets

he free operation of labour markets for a number of reasons- Establish minimum wage levels- Resolve industrial disputes- Set minimum conditions (health and safety)- Annual leave and superannuation pay ... th and safety)- Annual leave and superannuation paymentsSize and QualityGovernment Policies such as industrial relations, immigration, education and training affect the size and the quality of the lab ...

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Marketing Plan of Deli-Food Services

ge of the company's strength and experience so as to ensure success.The recent Australian Workplace Industrial Relations Survey 1995 shows that there is an increased in working hours. The percentage o ...

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Examine the Behaviours in the Industrial Relations Process which Negatively Impact Organisational Climate and Suggest Solutions

Industrial relations refer to processes of the determination of employment affairs and or conditions ... of service between employees or group of employees and an employer or group of employers.Before the industrial revolution, which is credited with specialization, division of labour and mass production ... ion of labour and mass production, this sort of relationship did not exist in its present form. The Industrial Revolution forced hitherto craftsmen to turn into wage earners and also compelled rural d ...

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Jobs: Termination of Employment

n and harassment, protection from unfair dismissal, a safe working environment and a fair system of industrial relations for the negotiation of workplace agreements with employers. It is often difficu ... mployees to the whims of their employers. However, in 1993 under the Keating labor government major industrial relations reforms know as the Work Place Relations Act. This legislation was further upda ...

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Works well in theory not in practice - discuss.

nriched the contents of the personnel management and presented a fusion of personnel management and industrial relations. As a consequence, the managers all take much greater responsibilities than the ... Human Resource Management, New York, Vol. 36, Iss.3, pg.303-3206. Whyte, WF., (1956), "Problems of Industrial Sociology", Social Problems, Vol. 4, No. 2, pg. 148-160Books1. Herzberg, F., Mausner, B. ...

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Human resources management (HRM) and industrial relations

e varied methods and processes of people management, including human resources management (HRM) and industrial relations. The Employment Relations field includes rules, attitudes, customs, practices, ... nd National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia roles played in the management in Malaysia industrial relations.Table of ContentPage1. Introduction of Malaysia Industrial Relations 12. Collec ...

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Employer association

Industrial relations in Australia is undergoing considerable change. The counterpart organisations t ... obligations under awards, health and safety legislation, workers' compensation provisions and other industrial legislation. (Marker's notes) Employer associations consist of groups of employers who re ... proactive. 'However, employer associations have a wide range of functions, covering both trade and industrial matters such as information, publicity, promotion, finance, education and research, trade ...

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Trade unions

groups for a common purpose, esp. political." Wilkes 1998: pg. 1677 When talking of the subject of Industrial Relations, the type of union that is most prevalent is that of a trade union. This main f ... nctions and define why employees join trade unions.Conflict is an important word when one thinks of Industrial Relations. It can be argued that conflict is everywhere and inevitable in today's society ...

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Attracting Foreign Investment into the Netherlands: A focus on Biofuels

prosperous and open economy, which depends heavily on foreign trade. The economy isnoted for stable industrial relations, moderate unemployment and ination, a sizable current account surplus, and anim ... ination, a sizable current account surplus, and animportant role as a European transportation hub. Industrial activity is predominantly in food processing, chemicals, petroleumrening, and electrical ...

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