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Persian Wars

nd threw his envoy in a well.The Persian army then landed at Marathon in 490 BC. The 10,000Athenian infantry were supported only by a small group of soldiers fromPlataea (Sparta procrastinated because ...

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'D-Day' The day when allied forces lunged an massive attack on the Nazis at the coast of Normandy

e the booby traps set upby the German forces in the ocean. He thought it would be better to get the infantry on to the shore than tolose majority of the landing crafts from the booby traps hidden by t ... y the high tide. Also in the low tides totankers could go ahead and bombard the defenses before the infantry comes in as the tide rises with thetanks and the arms. But the navy and the air forces need ...

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USMC Lessons of WWII. An essay detailing the lessons learned by the US Marine Corp during WWII in the pacific theater. Covers both doctrine and technology.

he LVT, or alligator. Originally designed as a logistical tool, they were adapted to be used by the infantry at Tarawa, where their rugged tracked design gave them an advantage in crossing the reefs. ...

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Horsed cavalry and horsemanship, as it reached its perfection when it was finally relegated to history.

es of battlefield dominion the cavalry started loosing it's supremacy around the 14th century, when infantry acquired the deadly long bow and the spectacular Swiss pikeman almost eliminated the cavalr ...

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"An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" by Ambrose Bierce. An essay on this story relating the extreme detail and the actual storyline.

tually there. The narrator tells where all of the guards and spectators (not really spectators, but infantry) were and what they were doing while this man was standing on the bridge with his hands tie ...

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Asnwer these Questions: Define "defense-in-depth" and "barbarization." In your opinion, what role did both of these, as incorporated into the Roman army, have on the fall of the Western Roman Empire?

h of answer #1), the ultimate conclusion of the defense-in-depth was the deterioration of the Roman Infantry. The limitanei (frontier troops), were no longer expected to defeat the enemy, and before l ... mies had been consistently defeated in skirmishes between the late third and early firth centuries) infantry made the overall basics of the defense-in-depth null and void. The strategy was also furthe ...

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Study the arms of the medieval period. Which weapons were preferred by infantry and cavalry through the different periods of the Middle Ages?

ar) be included in the armament for all horsemen, and strengthened its use when in 802 declared the infantry would also be armed with a spear.The spear underwent many transformations, as it was compri ... rlemagne further enhanced the spear's influence as the major Frankish weapon by both cavalrymen and infantrymen when the practical use of the spear as a javelin was altered and was used a thrusting we ...

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Study the rise of Swiss heavy infantry. Describe the arms, armor and tactical formation of the Swiss heavy infantryman.

Study the rise of Swiss heavy infantry. Describe the arms, armor and tactical formation of the Swiss heavy infantryman. How is the ... cribe the arms, armor and tactical formation of the Swiss heavy infantryman. How is the Swiss heavy infantry different from earlier medieval heavy infantry?For the most part, Western Europe was domina ... eudalization that spawned from France; however, it was in the un-feudalized sections of Europe that infantry dominated. Nowhere was this more prevalent in the region that became known as the Swiss Fed ...

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Persian war.

participation in a raid in Asia Minor, Persia sent a small force by Persian standards, about 20,000 infantry and 800 cavalry. The Greeks met this force with 10,000 troops at the plain of Marathon on t ...

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China and the Invasion, Implications and Intervention of the Korean War

of creating the Korean War in order to be able to defeat American, South Korean, and United Nations infantry en route to establishing a Chinese frontline south of Seoul and across the Han River by Jan ... .. that China would [then] assist North Korea. ". China would also transfer two divisions of Korean infantry in the CCF from Mukden and Changch'on to North Korea and also render North Korea any necess ...

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An Inspector Calls by J.B Priestly, This essay outlines the views of this author aswell as a detailed look into the play and its characters.

ny years. The play was finally released in the UK in 1946. Priestly was born in 1894. He joined the infantry in 1914 at the age of 20 when World War One broke out, and he left in 1919. In this time he ...

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Roman battle techniques

these two would be the cavalry. Soldiers on horseback with longer swords ready for action once the infantry had played their part.The main plan of attack would be for the Romans to position themselve ...

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Battle of hastings battle techniques

rs would have to wait for new supplies to be brought up from the rear.As they fell to the rear, the infantry began their struggle up the slope. Coming within range, they were met by a murderous assaul ... to bring their swords to bear. This in turn opened them up to the Saxon axe men. If the slow moving infantry were caught on open by cavalry with room to maneuver, particularly on the marshy ground at ...

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Weapons of the civil war

that the Civil War had more casualties than any war before in American history.The basic weapon for infantry was the rifled musket, which was later shortened just to therifle. During the Civil War, to ... and fire solid projectiles at a very flat trajectory. Guns wereusually used against closely packed infantry or cavalry in direct fire and were aimed at chest height.Howitzers were similar to the gun ...

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Macedonian army under Alexander the Great

emained the most important part of the army. These men served both in the cavalry as well as in the infantry. The most prestigious of the mounted troops were the hetairoi or companions. The companion ... d Thracian cavalry. Confusingly these mounted Thracians were also known as prodromoi.The Macedonian infantryBeside the cavalry mentioned above there were also infantry units that were recruited in Mac ...

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My Father and I.

stories of my father's experiences in Vietnam. He was drafted by the Army in 1967 and served in the infantry. While in the field he was engaged in numerous fire fights and combat situations and lost t ...

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Prejudice and Diversity in "Gallipoli" directed by Peter Weir starring Mark Lee and Mel Gibson.

recruiting, Archie put in the light horse and Frank (who's not able to ride a horse) goes into the infantry. They soon meet up in Cairo experiencing many things there and seeing their old rivals the ...

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Spain's War Tactics During the Reconquista

mainly formed by two groups of soldiers. One was a cavalry, mainly nobles and commoner knights, and infantry, which were mainly peasants.Cavalries fought in a normal Spanish way. Knights approached th ...

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Nuclear Nightmares: Where Do We Go From Here?

explosives up to 16 million pounds. The two are incomparable, a non-nuclear bomb could take out an infantry squadron, while a nuclear bomb could take out a small country. Also, with the help of globa ...

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An Attempt To Reason

ght of carrying out the plan was even considered. The thoughts of strategic positioning, artillery, infantry, time of day, and the fact of keeping it hidden from the light of the public eye all crosse ...

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