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The Differences and Similarities of Pneumonia and Tuberculosis

urred until the creation and use of antibiotics become more widely available. These two respiratory infections have many differences, which include their etiology, incidence and prevalence, and many s ... asily they can be confused.Differences in Pneumonia and TuberculosisPneumoniaPneumonia is a serious infection or inflammation of the lungs with exudation and consolidation. Pneumonia can be one of two ...

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philis,b) anal herpes or gonorrhea appears to make someone morec) oral susceptible to acquiring HIV infection during sex with aninfected partner2. blood transfusions - since November 1985 in Canada al ... fusions - since November 1985 in Canada all blood and blood products aretested for HIV antibodies3. infection drug users by sharing needles or syringes with someone already infected4. during pregnancy ...

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Biology...defenses of the body against bacteria, diseases...etc.

. This is when the second line of defense comes in.The most important of the counterattacks against infection are those carried out by cells that attack invading microbes. These cells patrol the blood ... (MAC). The MAC inserts itself into the pathogen's cell membrane, creating a hole.An injury or local infection causes an inflammatory response, a series of events that suppresses infection and speeds h ...

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This essay is about Meningitis. It Has answers to everthing you need to know about meningitis its effects, causes, giving very in depth infromation.

MeningitisMeningitis is an infection of the fluid of a person's spinal cord and the fluid that surrounds the brain. People some ... le sometimes refer to it as spinal meningitis. Meningitis is usually caused by a viral or bacterial infection. Knowing whether meningitis is caused by a virus or bacterium is important because the sev ... ningitis, the viruses responsible can be picked up through poor hygiene or polluted water.In blood, infection is fought off by white blood cells. In the spinal fluid, there are no white blood cells... ...

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Biology career research on immunology

he specific or adaptive immune system which may take days to respond to a primary invasion (that is infection by an organism that has not hitherto been seen). In the specific immune system, we see the ... tal to the recognition and destruction of virally-infected cells. The response to a second round of infection is often more rapid than to the primary infection because of the activation of memory B an ...

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AIDS In the World: This essay is about AIDS. How AIDS effect, the prevention, and all about AIDS.

viral disease that ravages the immune system, undermining the body's ability to defend itself from infection and disease. Caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), AIDS leaves an infected per ... the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), AIDS leaves an infected person vulnerable to opportunistic infections.In fact, the teenagers are most typically affected by AIDS and also people who have sexua ...

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HIV/AIDS Research Paper

o are HIV-positive. Over 300,000 people are living with AIDS. Each year, there are about 40,000 new infections. In the mid-1990s, AIDS was a leading cause of death. However, newer treatments have cut ... sexualities. Homosexual men are at the highest risk for HIV/AIDS. Today, more than half of all new infections strike people under the age of 25. Girls are hit harder and younger than boys are. Infant ...

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Animal Health Assignment (Includes pathogens- ie. viruses, bacteria, protozoa etc. and vaccination)

lism of their own.They are all parasites which reproduce within host cells and kill them.Methods of infection include:*By water*By droplet (sneezing)*By vector (another animal which carries the diseas ... ther animal which carries the disease without developing it itself, eg. Mosquitoes, fleas)Method of Infection (virus)1) Virus injects DNA (genes) into bacterium.2) Virus genes order assembly of hundre ...

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Biofilms: The Who, What, Where, Why, and How's

l conditions. Biofilms are responsible for diseases such as otitis media, the most common acute ear infection in children in the U.S. "Other diseases in which biofilms play a role include bacterial en ... children in the U.S. "Other diseases in which biofilms play a role include bacterial endocarditis (infection of the inner surface of the heart and its valves), cystic fibrosis (a chronic disorder res ...

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This is a description of the diease Amebiasis

sisBy Greg VasquezINTRODUCTION:Within this chapter there will be a discussion about Amebiasis as an infection. It will include: a look at the parasite, who can get Amebiasis, how to diagnose and treat ... through infected water. Once the cyst form of the amoeba makes it was in to the small intestine an infection begins.GEOGRAPHICAL DISTRIBUTION:The populations susceptible to Amebiasis are generally se ...

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What causes herpes?Genital herpes is a common sexually transmissible disease (STD). It is caused by infection with one of two kinds of microscopic organisms called herpes simplex virus, types 1 and 2 ... nce can usually be prevented with careful management.How do you know if you have genital herpes?HSV infection sometimes causes no symptoms at all; the body's immune system keeps the virus under contro ...

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Investigation of an Infectious Diease: AIDS

eatment or cure for this disease? (Also explain how it works) There is no known cure for AIDS. AIDS infection always leads to death; however, this can be post-poned using antiretroviral therapy. Witho ... rapy. Without this therapy, survival time after contracting the disease is only 9 months.6. How can infection by this disease be prevented? (Hygiene, vaccination, isolation, etc) People are now vaccin ...

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Infection control- hand washing

Write an account:Based on safe infection control techniques using ADPIE (Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation, Evaluatio ... tten up to demonstrate the links between practice and the supporting theory.Direct observation (2): Infection control.AssessmentHand washing is extremely important in clinical areas, as it reduces the ... essmentHand washing is extremely important in clinical areas, as it reduces the risk of infections. Infections are caused by organisms which invade the host's defence mechanisms. Effective hand washin ...

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with in life. The disease is a silent disease until the person infected with it becomes ill with an infection most people can get over; however, an AIDS patient can not fight it off like most other he ... he virus, but almost always in tiny amounts. The amount is greatly increased by eye, mouth or urine infection. White cells in saliva carry the virus in up to nine out of ten people with AIDS. The viru ...

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Infectious diseases

be very serious and painful and may have long term health consequences including sterility, chronic infection, scarring of a woman's fallopian tubes, cancer, and even death. These diseases affect men ... are spread through the contact of body fluids it is also important to be cautious of other means of infection. These include sharing needles and syringes with others or from tattoos or body piercing w ...

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Influence of influenza

gy and was running a high fever of 39.7 degrees Celsius. He has suffered from a previous illness of infection of the upper respiratory. Due to the fever, he had a systolic of 110 over 75 diastolic; pu ... be defined as any inflamation of the lung tissue itself, but the term is generally applied only to infections of an acute or rapidly developing nature caused by certain bacteria or viruses. The term ...

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Flesh Eating Bacteria

ause of the flesh eating disease is group A Streptococcus. This is a common bacterium, which causes infections such as strep throat. Ten to fifteen percent of school age children may carry group A Str ... om the toxins and bacteria. 11. Unconsciousness may occur as the body becomes to weak to battle the infection.Left foot, suffering from gangrene.Prevention: Necrotizing Fasciitis cannot be prevented, ...

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Elevated Causes of AIDS

cquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. HIV -- human immunodeficiency virus -- causes AIDS. Getting HIV infection is not the same as having AIDS. It usually takes years for the virus to wear down a person ... s years for the virus to wear down a person's immune system. When this happens, all kinds of deadly infections seize the opportunity to infect the body. Only at this point, a person's immune system is ...

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first host cell where it enters the cytoplasm and replicates. The host cell understands there is an infection and releases a chemical that warns other cells that it is infected, which makes the other ... cells that have developed a way to kill the virus remain in the body to be able to kill any further infection.Major Symptoms:The main indication that a horse has the EI virus is:-A higher temperature ...

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Vibrio Vulnificus

Vibrio vulnificus infection is the leading cause of death related to seafood consumption in the United States. The CDC ... se of death related to seafood consumption in the United States. The CDC estimates that 8028 Vibrio infections and 57 deaths occur annually in the United States. I will be informing you on Vibrio vuln ... 1976, Vibrio vulnificus is a halophilic bacterial species that causes primary septicemia and wound infections. Between 1989 and 2008, 520 ingestion cases with 263 deaths 51% were reported. Most of th ...

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