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Computer Crime, on the increase in many areas: hackers, hardware theft, software piracy and the information highway.

rimeby: Manik SainiAdvances in telecommunications and in computer technology have brought us to the information revolution. The rapid advancement of the telephone, cable, satellite and computer networ ... r networks, combined with the help of technological breakthroughs in computer processing speed, and information storage, has lead us to the latest revolution, and also the newest style of crime, 'comp ...

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Quality Issues in Systems Development

ry still in it's infancy, to a level of much sophistication and which ultimately revelutionised the information storage and processing needs of every other industry and that of the entire world. Howev ... er benefits for less cost than those of previous decades. Large systems provide better, more timely information, the ability to integrate and correlate internal and external information, the ability t ...

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Notes on Java Programming.

n applications run-G.U.I(geographical User Interface) - windows, shells, icons, buttons, scroll barsINFORMATION STORAGE-Analog - continuous-Digital - broken upByte = 2^0 (1)KB = 2^10(2E10)MB = 2^20(2E ...

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R-S Flip Flops

RS-type NAND Flip FlopA basic logical device for information storage is the flip-flop (abbr. FF). A flip-flop can stay in one of two logic states. To ... ed.Some Questions and Answers:Q.1 what are R-S FFs used for?A.1 R-s Flip Flops are used for Storing information.Q.2 How many R-S FFs are required to store the number 100101?A.2 Since R-S FF is a one b ...

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The year 2000 bug

ctronic storage was very expensive. In the early days of computing a Megabyte or a million bytes of information could have cost up to $100,000 to store electronically. This same amount of information ... 53 NO. 15 HOUSE COMMITTEE ON GOVERNMENT REFORM AND OVERSIGHT Subcommittee on Government Management, Information and Technology Field Hearing on Year 2000 Efforts September 3, 1998 Chicago, Illinois Te ...

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E commerce

eb.2- Store front model of e-business combines transaction processing, security, online payment and information storage to enable merchants to sell their products online. This model is a basic form of ... ness.4- There are several ways of conducting monetary transactions over the internet. 1-Credit card information can be inserted in the page provided by vendor for a secure transaction. 2-A third party ...

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Major Concepts Define and explain how the major concepts of Forests, Domains, and Organizational Units and how they are used when developing an AD schema for any company.

sources that share a mutual security database, such as Active Directory. The Active Directory is an information storage location which uses a systematic scheme, referred to as a "namespace," to organi ... ly valid in that specific domain. All network objects exist in a domain and each domain only stores information on the specific objects that it contains. A domain is effectively the central logical st ...

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