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Photonic bonds

Photonic band gap materials are solids that strongly diffract light, ideally at visible and near-infrared wavelengths. They are ordered dielectric structures, such as silica-air or titania-polymer, ... crystals Power point presentation·Three-dimensional photonic band gap crystals operating at infrared wavelengths·Collaboration with Sandia National Laboratories (S. Lin) to produce thre ...

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Waves and How They Affect Life.

that travel by wave. On the spectrum of light there are waves listed which are X-Rays, UV-Rays, and Infrared. Some of these are harmful to life, and some of these are helpful to life, where mostly the ... invisible radiation with a more penetration nature than UV-rays. This was later to be called X-Rays.Infrared Radiation is another light that travels by wave. The primary source of infrared radiation i ...

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Observing Stars.

the ozone layer is that molecules re-radiate the energy in a few wavelengths of the green, red, and infrared regions, causing 'airglow'. It is because of the limitations of Earth's atmosphere, that as ...

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Investigating attenuation in optical fibres

PlanAimMy aim is to investigate the factors which affect the attenuation of infrared radiation in an optical fibre modelled by transparent jelly. I will determine how the lengt ... gth and width of the jelly affect how the radiation is attenuated. The loss of the intensity of the infrared radiation is represented by the amount of voltage across the infrared detector. If the inte ... cross the infrared detector. If the intensity of the radiation is high, then the voltage across the infrared detector will also be high.Apparatus (before pilot experiments)Infrared transmitter and det ...

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This is an essay about two differant types of sensors.

sons, to detect an object or to detect no object. The photoelectric sensor like all sensors runs on infrared light. You might ask your self what is infrared light? Well infrared light is light that th ... k your self what is infrared light? Well infrared light is light that the human eye can not detect. Infrared light is way up there in the light spectrum. What are some advantages of using infrared lig ...

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Greenhouse effect, chemistry aspects and effect on human society

e parts of a wave, and demonstrating the two different points from where the wavelength is measured.Infrared light/radiation lies between the visible and microwave portions of the electromagnetic spec ... of wavelengths, just like visible light has wavelengths that range from red light to violet. "Near infrared" light is closest in wavelength to visible light and "far infrared" is closer to the microw ...

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Infrared spectroscopy

Infrared spectroscopyInfrared spectroscopy is widely used to identify functional groups present in u ... is is because particular bonds in organic molecules undergo vibrational excitation when they absorb infrared radiation. (1).In compound 1, the major functional groups present include an alcohol and an ... From interpretation of the IR, compound 3 must be 2-pentanone.Many of us are probably familiar with infrared radiation. Infrared radiation could be related with heat. Infrared is a form of radiation t ...

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New Tech for Photodynamic Therapy

penetrate tissue well.To solve this problem, some researchers are developing drugs that absorb near-infrared light. However, it is difficult to synthesize near-infrared absorbing photosensitizers that ... nvironment to tune the light into a wavelength necessary to activate the drug.For example, the near-infrared laser beam interacts with the natural protein collagen, which is found in connective tissue ...

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Hydroboration/Oxidation of Alkenes

R data, including relevant peaks, intensities and corresponding functional groups Composition Data: Infrared SpectrumStarting material: styreneBondObserved shift (cm-1)Theoretical shift (c ...

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