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Hearing and Deafness

s which are sent to the brain, where the brain interprets them as sounds instead of vibrations. The innermost part of the ear maintains equilibrium or balance. The vestibular apparatus contains semici ... move your foot to balance you.The ear in humans consist three parts: The outer, the middle, and the inner portions. The outer ear, or pinna, is the structure that we call the ear. It is the skin cover ...

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When people go up into space, many will immediately get space sickness. This essay will reveal some of the symptoms and the measures that can be taken to control it.

le, "up" and "down." OnEarth we always know which way is up because gravity tell us. Sensors in the inner ear, which are part of the body's vestibular system, can feel the pull of gravity.They signal ... h like "car sickness," which you can get right here on Earth by trying to read in a moving car. The inner eardetects the motion of the car but the eyes -- staring at a page filled with unmoving words ...

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Report on the bionic ear and why it is made out of the materials it is made from.

a titanium capsule with platinum electrodes which is inserted into the shell-like structure in the inner ear known as the cochlea. A ball electrode is implanted under a muscle near the ear.The speech ...

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things to your average doctor. Cholesteatoma can be defined as a serious condition that affects the inner ear, the nerves near the inner ear and sometimes the brain. (Liu, 549) The word cholesteatoma ... e Dictionary of Medical Syndromes, a non-cancerous tumor that occurs around the eardrum area of the inner ear. (Magalini, 158) In short, cholesteatoma is a situation where a non-cancerous tumor forms ...

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How does "unwanted" sound effect the physiological and psychological performance differently than "wanted" sound

to be "heard".The ear can be separated into three sections, the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear. The outer ear is a sound gathering device. The shape allows it to capture sound and funne ... The stapes, being so small, fits into a small membranous opening, and relays the vibrations to the inner ear. The footplate of the stapes is attached to a membrane called the oval window, which leads ...

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All About The Ear

ts of the Ear and HearingThe ear has three separate sections:the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear. Each section performs a specific function, related to either hearing or balance. The thre ... ssicle--the stapes or stirrup--relays the vibrations to a membrane that covers the opening into the inner ear. This opening is the round window.Like the eardrum, the round window's membrane transmits ...

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Music related to the Mozart Theory

that music is the original language of humans. Researchers have found that about two-thirds of the inner ear's cilia resonate only at the higher frequencies that are commonly found in music (3,000 - ...        Heavy metal - stimulates the nervous system. It is typically an outward exhibition of inner turmoil        Country - has been known to increases suicidal tendenciesT ...

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Motion Sickness

normal. Nearly anyone can be made motion sick by an appropriate stimulus. The balance center of the inner ear sends information to the brain that conflicts with the visual clues of apparently standing ... ays at a time.What Causes Motion Sickness?The brain combines visual information, touch information, inner ear information, and internal expectations. If one gets infected with a form of act it causes ...

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Segway Scooter

he four main parts of our body that allow us to walk or run. The parts they replace are as follows; inner ear, muscles, and our brain. The gyroscopes and the tilt sensors are much like the inner ear o ... gs instinctively move out to prevent them from falling over. This happens because the fluid in your inner ear moves and your brain knows that you are off balance. The more you lean the faster your leg ...

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Japan Developing Remote Control for Humans

that can control human beings. A special headset releases a very low current into the back of your ears and through your head, from side to side depending on which way the control stick is moved. The ...

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Usher Syndrome. What Causes It. How It Happens

drome is characterized by deafness and a gradual vision loss. Hearing loss is caused by a defective inner ear, while vision loss is caused by retinitis pigmentosa, a deterioration of the retinal cells ... CDH23, MYO7A, PCDH15, USH1C, and USH1G. These genes function in the development and maintenance of inner ear structures such as hair cells, which transmit sound and motion signals to the brain. Alter ...

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Ear Infections

f outpatient antimicrobial treatment of children in the United States. Infections of the middle and inner ear can cause temporary or permanent loss of hearing and associated speech and language delays ... behind the eardrum. Otitis is the Latin word for inflammation of the ear. The eardrum separates the inner ear from the ear canal. Infections of the middle ear are defined by acute otitis media, a midd ...

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Types of EarphonesWhen you are walking on the street, taking a subway or having a dinner in a restaurant, you can always see young people wearing different kinds of earphones. Some pe ... st size among the three types attracts a plenty of users. In-ear earphones can be inserted into the inner ear. Hence, it helps the users to avoid some noise in the environment and to create an enclose ... days. Meanwhile, when putting earphones over the head, it maintains a little distance to the users' inner ears. Hence, it causes less damage to the ear. The scientist once did an experiment. When usin ...

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