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hat:(a) There is a primary emphasis on a hands-on, problem-centred approach;(b) the focus lies with learning and applying appropriateinvestigational or analytical strategies (This does not have anythi ... ontext,illustrates a number of features common to the student centred on "free"inquiry approach:(a) learning stems from seeking responses to questions about thephysical world and pupils are encouraged ...

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Science unit plan

would learn more about scientific methods and processes. The teaching strategy focused on using an inquiry-based learning approach, asking open-ended questions to generate curiosity.The learning sequ ...

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How the Environment Plays a Role in Learning?

ound".In these instances, learners invoked methods that do not typically support or promote open or inquiry-based learning--ironically the strategies required for successful performance in formal educ ...

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Is Constructivism the Best Philosophy for Education?

eries of facts. The constructivist teacher provides students with tools such as problem-solving and inquiry-based learning activities where students then create and test their own ideas, draw their ow ...

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Curriculum studies SOSE

n is designed for year 12 Legal studies students.The investigation of legal issues is the focus for inquiry-based learning that provides students with the opportunities to learn using topical, relevan ...

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me doing me

derstand inquiry and use it as they learn science, teachers have to be knowledgeable in inquiry and inquiry-based methods.Another ideas that I found important was, "in order for knowledge to be usable ... ervice or in-service classes or science workshops to be able to gather information and knowledge on inquiry-based classrooms in order to impact students learning (APS 10). I will use what I gained fro ...

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