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How AOL instant Messenger has changed the lives of today's teenagers

ly thing the victims need is access to the internet and within minutes they can be connected to AOL Instant Messenger where they spend countless hours wasting away in front of a tiny computer monitor. ... many others, for more often than not, I am not the first one to sign on.Many of the people who use Instant Messenger have one or more different symptoms. One symptom pertains to the habitual users wh ...

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The Active Lifestyle

ogical blessings that previous generations could not have possibly enjoyed. Between gaming systems, instant messaging, email and the Internet, most teens do not allocate as much time as they should to ...

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Who Needs a Telephone?/Discusses Instant Messaging in the workplace and whether it makes the workplace more efficient

y is quickly finding its way into the workplace and being used as a valuable tool on ones desktop. Instant Messengers have rapidly replaced other useful office tools such as email and telephones. It ... which can use it for fast communication with customers (Steen). Along with all of the benefits of instant messaging comes disadvantages such as security concerns and potential legal issues for compa ...

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World of Ends

ol and otherwise "improve."... it's a bad thing for users to communicate between different kinds of instant messaging systems on the Net....the Net suffers from a lack of regulation to protect industr ... round it," John Gilmore famously said. And it's true. In the long run, Internet radio will succeed. Instant messaging systems will interoperate. Dumb companies will get smart or die. Stupid laws will ...

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Short essay about how the invention of the internet has made the biggest impact on he world in the last 50 years

the introduction to the internet brought a new wave of communicating. From chat rooms to email and instant messaging, the internet has provided the world with a whole new way to stay in touch with fa ...

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Cable Industry Analsyis

al Internet service providers like Stargate and America On-Line. New terms like E-mail, chat rooms, instant messaging and surfing the net were being discussed all around us. Many businesses quickly re ...

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Office Collaboration

ration. Some of the software we use is electronic mail, electronic fax, video teleconferencing, and instant messaging.Danuta McCall, a spokesperson for, explains that location for proje ... nother two applications, which help automate the office environment, are the video conferencing and instant messaging systems. These two applications work together to deliver instant communications wi ...

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This paper talks about Identity Fraud: The causes of Identity Fraud and how to deal with it.

imes.How does this happen? Some ways that people's personal information can be taken is by e-mails, instant messaging, ad links, and also spy ware. The way people's information is taken by e-mail is t ... pdates or because their system may have crashed and needed their information again.The example that instant messaging can be used to take people's information could be on America Online (AOL). Anybody ...

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How Would a Multicultural Workforce Affect Teamwork?

ologically intense. Translation software will help with language differences. The internet, e-mail, instant messaging, telephone, and teleconferencing resource are useful forms of communication with e ... l over the world. The normal forms of communication will still be used, face-to-face and travel for instant. There will be a need to get used to a team member in another location. Coordinating times a ...

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Teenagers and technology

d other online forums -- and more of their friends read and respond to those journal entries. While Instant Messaging on the tiny screen of a cell phone is still popular, in the past year or so, many ...

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Collaboration Systems

ystems to be more productive and efficient. Some of these collaboration systems include email, fax, instant messaging, and video teleconferencing. These are only a few examples of the systems that are ... itiatives and everyday tasks, members of a workgroup can have meetings, talk on the telephone, send instant messages, and distribute memos. Many of these tasks are done through office automation softw ...

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The Mystery of Time

r-stained, I always found comfort writing down my thoughts in it.At that time I was still new to instant messaging, or better known as chatting, through the Internet. When I became a member of an i ... and was ready to head back home to look for a job. Upon returning home, I began my search for a job instantly, wanting to settle down as soon as possible. I spent a whole month sending in applications ...

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to identify new artists and a forum to communicate their interests and tastes with one another via instant messaging, chat rooms, and Hot List user bookmarks Congressional leaders say they want consu ...

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e to be an intregal piece in the evolution to the world of the matrix. The transfer of information, instant messaging and search engines are elements of the internet, which would allow such an evoluti ... the matrix via a hard line. To communicate with tank the crew used cell phones which is similar to instant messaging. They also aquired information through the lines, for example when Morphius asked ...

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Consequences of cheating

th a lot of memory to store more than your address book. Most new phones havecameras, music player, instant messaging capability, and internet. These phones makeit much too easy to pop open a browser ... le the answers to your testquestion. If that doesn't get you the results you want you can use AOL's InstantMessenger to ask a friend; seems like taking a test is like playing the game show WhoWant to ...

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Adolescent Computer Privacy

2% of parents do not review the content of what their teenager(s) read and/or type in chat rooms or instant messaging. 95% of parents could not identify common chat room lingo that teenagers use to wa ...

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Protecting Children Online

ng service Aimster, 70% of resulted files contain some sort of pornographic material (Sanders 2001).Instant messaging is another popular internet tool that is beneficial to our children but can also b ... in private or if we monitor them or not. Schools have the internet set up to where chat rooms, and instant messaging isn't allowed, although this doesn't completely take away all concern, it limits a ...

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Effects of Technology: Computer Technology: GEN 300

opened up different types of choices for people to keep in touch and exchange ideas. People can use instant messaging or email via the computer for instant chat or to send letters back and forth to on ... r communication than the U.S. postal service. Although some providers like AOL charge for email and instant messaging services, many other providers offer these services at no cost. Free email means f ...

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IMVU : Evaulation and Analysis (Philippine Setting)

IntroductionIMVU is an free instant messaging client presented in a graphical way. It is focused on allowing customizations of a ...

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Learning From The Virtual World

ern Warfare. One needs to communicate this event to their teammates through Xbox Live whether it is instant messaging or speaking into a headset, or eventually the opposing team will enter the base an ...

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