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technological devices such as SMARTboard can offer many educational opportunities.SMARTboard is an interactive whiteboard that is connected to a computer and a projector. When the computer image is p ...

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Technology in Education

ogies to choose from the one that I found to have a great deal of potential in the classroom is the interactive whiteboard.Describing the New Technology The new technology that I found to have a great ... chnology The new technology that I found to have a great amount of potential in the classroom is an interactive whiteboard. An interactive whiteboard is a whiteboard that is connected to a single clas ...

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Installing Whiteboards in Classrooms

What is an interactive whiteboard? An interactive whiteboard is a white big panel which you can display the com ... o you need whiteboards for classrooms? I think the answer is yes. I know it's very expensive to buy interactive whiteboards and many people say you can use the money that you bought for other studying ... iders. Note that these indicative prices do not include the price of the computer itself. Infra-red Interactive whiteboards are the least expensive option. Such systems can be purchased for under &eur ...

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English Lessons

aching practice, they had a room full of different technological devices. In this room there was an interactive whiteboard, a set of 15 computers with Windows XP and fast internet access, a projector, ... the lesson the students were going to hear and follow a story that was going to be projected on the interactive whiteboard, and then along the story there were several instances where some students we ...

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tech in 21st century

with material. In this paper, the three technologies I will be writing about will be the iPad, the interactive whiteboard (or SmartBoard), and the document camera. First, I'm going to talk about the ... iPad appears to be a simple, touch-screen tablet. However, it contains the key to an extraordinary, interactive, and unique learning experience. Downloading apps on the iPad is simple as anything. Plu ...

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