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Talks about teratogens which are agents responsible for many known birth defects

defects. Research found suggests over eight hundred known teratogens. In this paper, you will find interesting facts based on research, the relationship between teratogens and developmental psycholog ...

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The vitamin b5.

.B5 can be stored in the liver and if present in shampoo it can improve the condition of hair.Other interesting factsB5 is a very widely distributed nutrient and because of this it got the name "panto ...

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Capital Punishement Essay with Bibliography.

cusses problems associated with capital punishment, common misbeleifs about death penalty and other interesting facts like life on a death row and rules for conviction of minors------Capital Punishmen ...

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Earth vs. Mars

it's time for the planets to weigh in. In this tale of the tape, we present the most pertinent and interesting facts that compare and contrast the two very different worlds. Earth Mars ...

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West Nile Virus: What is it and how did it get here?

t and how did it get here?During my research on the West Nile Virus, I was surprised at some of the interesting facts and opinions that I came across. This paper will address human and equine statisti ... rica still remains to be proved.While the virus was housed in our own laboratories for years proves interesting. The United States government quickly ruled out bio-terrorism as a culprit of the West N ...

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Aid to Dependent Corporations (Univ. of Phoenix - SOC 101)

to Dependent Corporations," benefits corporations and the wealthy. Mr. Collins mentioned some very interesting facts with which I totally agree. His article helped me to understand how the rich conti ...

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Back to Space

I found President Bush's "State of the Union Address" was very interesting. As he talked about his new space plans about NASA. As I got to thinking about his new p ... pace. We have already had the rover on mars for sometime now. The rover has helped us find out many interesting facts.Space program all over the world should share information about the finding on the ...

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Is The Human Race As Smart As We Think We Are?

e same, but after years of investigation I could come to no other conclusion.The following are some interesting facts you should think on:· For the last 40 years, the O-zone layer is be ...

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Thomas Jefferson's Life-

h as the third President of the United States. As you go through Wendie C. Old's book you will find interesting facts along with personality traits about Thomas's life and how he lived it. Thomas was ...

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Biltmore house

math problem in itself. It has wonderful and detailed, architectural design, beautiful gardens, and interesting facts that lead back to the late 18th century. In 1880 when George Vanderbilt ca ...

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Persuasive essay, gay marriage in the us, YES!

this is a long, well written essay for the cause of gay marriages in the us, including 2 sources, interesting facts from the around the world and curent issues around the topic.Gay marriages in Amer ...

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Dippin' Dots.

While doing some research on the product of Dippin' Dots I found a lot of interesting facts. Some questions that came about were what are the typical customers of Dippin' Dot ...

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Sickle scaler

fore, this report is going to be based on my research finding on anterior sickle scaler.History and Interesting factsWho invented scalers? This is unknown, but we know that invention goes way back to ...

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ough the use of ten different approaches, a speaker can effectively grasp the audience's attention. Interesting facts or even my favorite, humor, are examples of dissimilar techniques that prove to be ... e to shut you out. In this case, staying safe rather than sorry is the best way to go. Light humor, interesting facts, or rhetorical questions are just a few of the ten successful steps in an executin ...

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Children's Ways

Dear mom and dad, Today I visited a Canadian library in Toronto Canada. I learned a lot of very interesting facts but I'm only going to tell you 3. First off there are 6 whole time zones in Canada ...

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hort history because they only had nomadic Indians living before the 16th century. Argentina has an interesting history, government, environment, and interesting customs. Argentina has a short ...

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Four Skinny Trees

"˜Four Skinny Trees' From reading the "˜Four Skinny Trees', I've found out many interesting facts that can be inferred from the way Esperanza told her story. First of all, I could ...

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is the eighth planet from the Sun, at least most of the time! Upon research, we learned a lot of interesting facts and information about this strange blue planet.        Neptune w ... ronomers have made significant advances in the study of this planet."Sky and Telescope" had an interesting article about the creation of Neptune. In the article entitled, "Creating Uranus and Ne ...

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program. This program allowed me to work with a 3rd grade class once a month and teach them new and interesting facts about holidays, famous people, and amazing places. Since I already know what it's ...

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Its not over till its over

es she endured in and out of jail trying to uncover the truth. The real truth starts to appear when interesting facts about Molly's friends are brought into the story, implying that Molly didn't kill ...

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