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The threat of islamic terrorism after Sept 11

lamic TerrorismWith the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990's and the cold war over, the international community seemed to be on the threshold of an era of unprecedented peace and prosperit ... Islamic nations feel toward the Western world has been continually demonstrated by the increase in international terrorism. However, Muslims do not view their actions as acts of terrorism, but self-d ...

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The Liberian War

volved, the refugee and displaced populations created by it across the region, and the regional and international communities reaction to it. Using the Liberian situation as a reference point I intend ... ates, modern refugee crises in and around them, and some of the tactics and policies adopted by the international community over the last 10 years in response.The Liberian political-social dilemma and ...

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United Nations

ith varying political views and social systems have a voice and vote in shaping the policies of the international community. The year 1995 marks the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Organization.The UN has ... .The UN has six main organs, listed below. All are based at UN Headquarters in New York, except the International Court of Justice, which is located at The Hague, Netherlands.The General AssemblyThe G ...

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Argument against Kenneth Pollack's position in "The Threatening Storm" for war in Iraq

to keep in mind regarding the situation in Iraq. For instance, the United States must remember that international support is not only preferable, but necessary. Furthermore, Saddam Hussein is not as r ... do so if the United States will give deterrence a chance.Undeniably, Iraq has alienated much of the international community for various reasons. The United States is acting just as rashly in its decis ...

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Broken People: Caste Violence Against India's Untouchables.

accountable. We challenge governments and those who hold power to end abusive practices and respect international human rights law. We enlist the public and the international community to support the ...

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ting the possibility of a two-state solution of a viable Palestinian state alongside Israel. If the international community continues to remain unwilling to reign in Israeli colony construction and ex ... ation of the rights guaranteed to them under UN Resolutions, the Fourth Geneva Convention and other international treaties. The full implementation of Israel's colonial designs for the Occupied Palest ...

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Extreme Environmental Hazards in North Korea.

about a reversal of the downward economic trend, major efforts are needed with assistance from the international community towards rehabilitating industries, infrastructure, and the agricultural sect ... conomic structure in light of its own comparative advantages and increase its interactions with the international markets.

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The Kurdish Genocide in Iraq.

nnocent Kurdish civilians were being targeted simply because they were Kurdish (thus genocide), the international community refused to believe it, sat back and let thousands upon thousands of people n ... oncerned with the Kurds throughout the 1980s and anxious to convince the government to act. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch also contributed to the effort, especially in the aftermath. Pe ...

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Terrorism as an International Phenomenon

International terrorism, intelligence gathering and covert operations are all phenomenon, which intr ... oung and old. This paper is a historical recount and study on the various elements that comprise an international operation. It is also a vehicle for discussing the effects of intelligence agencies ar ... est in the CIA, Mossad, and KGB. This paper will show the various results of failed missions on the international community, examining whether the end justified the mean. Furthermore, it will also pro ...

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Globalization: Opportunity in the International CommunityGlobalization has become one of the biggest issues in the economic world toda ... est issues in the economic world today. Many people believe globalization is an opportunity for the international community, while many people think it is threat to international community. Globalizat ...

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Everyday there is a new event that effects someplace in the world. In my opinion, there are five pressing issues that are currently facing the international community.

er times the event effects the surrounding area as well. Occasionally, the event effects the entire international community. In my opinion, there are five pressing issues that are currently facing the ... and overpopulation.First, the violence between Israel and Palestine is an issue that is facing the international community. Almost everyday, bombings rock the nation, and many people die. According t ...

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The Optional Protocol to the ICCPR immeasurably improved its enforcement. Do you agree?

Introduction'The global international community does not often frontally and flagrantly override state sovereignty in the na ... s find themselves enmeshed in global governance. By their own consent, they find themselves part of international legal regimes that generate diplomatic pressure to conform to human rights standards.' ... atic pressure to conform to human rights standards.'The post-World War II era was one of burgeoning international concern and awareness that a global system of legal mechanisms had to be established i ...

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Analysis of American Foreign Policy Objectives and Goals

oups claim that the United States acts as an isolationist body, the government works to improve the international community through negotiation and cooperation. Sometimes varying perspectives and valu ... rities in foreign policy. The U.S. Department of State claims that these include promoting American internationalism, focusing heavily on National Security, and curbing the evolving threat of Weapons ...

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The brandt report

sident of the World Bank) calls upon Willy Brandt to be the head of the ?independent Commission for international development issues.? Brandt accepted this assignment. He assembled a group of internat ... ns, the north-south commission. The Brandt Commission made a set of recommendations to governments, international agencies, and the global public. It proposed a restructuring of the global economy, al ...

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This article expresses the differences and simularities of the way truman and eisenhowercarried out the containment policy

ssion. Generally, the presidential administrations pursued this policy to maintain stability in the international arena, to maintain a balance of power, and also in a sense, to express disapproval of ... ations, the Truman administration was more concerned with maintaining a balance of power within the international community than necessarily appeasing internal pressures, especially fiscal pressures. ...

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Global Environment

unity to protect the world's environment against rapid degradation. It is the responsibility of the international community to address these challenges which have taken a devastating tool on their eco ... hat effective measures and substantial resources can be provided.The New York Liaison Office of the International Fund for Agricultural Development and the Global Mechanism of the Convention to Combat ...

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George W. Bush failed the American people on the international stage and ruined U.S. foreign policy.

George W. Bush failed the American people in Iraq, the international stage, and ruined U.S. foreign policy. As a society, we must realize these points. He ... policy. As a society, we must realize these points. He lied to the American public and lied to the international community. He lost face for America and lost credibility in the world. He mishandled t ... since the beginning. The total war on Iraq was not only unjustified, but also lost much face on the international stage. If you can recall, Colin Powell paraded numerous pictures of so called "Hot Sit ...

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A Response to Dr. Philip Lancaster's Lecture

nthropology, but also humbling as a Canadian who aspires to be a genuinely productive member of the international community. Possibly a product of an upbringing amid an ethnically diverse society that ...

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The successes and failures of the League of Nations

In the 1920s, the League of Nations achieved some significant successes involving the international community. One of the main achievements was making agreements that were designed to so ... h precautions were enforced by the League to avoid outbreaks of cholera, dysentery and smallpox.The International Labour Organisation led a successful banning campaign against poisonous white lead fro ... 1920s, the League of Nations was successful in bringing about collective security and peace to the international community. This was done through managing conflicts between countries, initialising tr ...

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How should the UN be reformed to promote international peace and stability in the 21st century?

erous critics of the organization who have asserted that the UN's salient purpose of maintaining of international peace and security is gradually being lessened. Accordingly, many of the afore said ac ... lming sentiment that the United Nations is an ineffective institution, that is of little use to the international community, moreover to the 21st century. For the United Nations to survive it must ens ...

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