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Deep Sea Creatures Project

My name is Melissa I'm a world renowned marine biologist. I was known for my work in deep sea types of marine life. I have studied many deep sea fish and crustaceans, but ... rk; because their scales resemble spikes when they are older. When I discovered it I released the information to the world that I have found this species. Up to this day I still do research on the mar ... y old animals. Their fossils have been found dating back 350 million years ago. That was the time before the dinosaurs. This shark can live in any temperature in water which allows it to travel the oc ...

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e. In 1973 the jaguar was classified as vulnerable to extinction, one step above endangered, by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Appendix One in the Convention on International T ... ble commodity, diminishing the once abundant jaguar population rapidly. Today, despite national and international laws, poachers still hunt and kill the protected jaguar to fetch a first-rate price on ...

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Mitigation Strategies and Practical Solutions to Environmental Problems in South America

logical perspective. BioScience 49 (3): 205-10.Sebastian, Kate. Calculations provided by Sebastian, International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington, DC, March 2001.Wilson, E. O., and Peter, F ...

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Captive Breeding as a form of Species Conservation.

lover, I am very concerned about the rising percentages of endangered species. Statistics from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature show a rise in the number of endangered species ( ...

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