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Discussion paper on the use of traditional knowledge by the Inuit(eskimo to americans)with regards to wildlife managment.

Community Based Research Project PaperTraditional Envoronmenal Knowledge of the Banks Island Inuit as Relating to the Management of the Banks Island Muskox HerdIntroductionTraditional Knowledge ... does not have all the answers. Instead, those concerned about the state of the environment and the Inuit of the area are seeking guidance from knowledge systems that may offer important yet distinctl ...

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Inuit and Amish, Cultural Diversity or Cultural Destruction? A broad, general essay that discusses the impacts of North American society on these other two culture groups

The Inuit and the Amish, the differences between them are as great as the distance which separates them. ... mpletely withstand the influences of the vast North American culture which surrounds them while the Inuit way of life has been forever changed by its contact with the inhabitants from south of the Arc ... fe has been forever changed by its contact with the inhabitants from south of the Arctic Circle?The Inuit are people of Arctic Mongoloid ancestry inhabiting small enclaves in the coastal areas of Gree ...

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An essay that describes the 'coureurs de bois' (wood runners) very in-depthly and also at the same time briefly!

When the fur trade first began, First Nations and Inuit people brought the furs to the trading posts. They would arrive by canoe. The furs would be un ...

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An essay on the inuit of northern canada.

INUIT(IN U IT)100(100) WORDS(WORDS) FOR(FOR) SNOW(SNOW) NO(NO) WORD(WORD) FOR(FOR) TRIBE(TRIBE) AND( ... R(FOR) TRIBE(TRIBE) AND(AND) A(A) NAME(NAME) THAT(THAT) MEANS(MEANS) ''PEOPLE'(PEOPLE)SETTLEMENTThe Inuit way of life began some 10,000 years ago in the Bering Strait. The Inuit's early ancestors are ... migratory settlers to cross the Bering land bridge. As part of the Aleut Eskimo language family the Inuit migrated across the bridge and by 8,500 B.C. are believed to have established several coastal ...

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Wapusk National Park.

orthern edge of where Manitoba meets Hudson Bay. The aboriginal inhabitants of the region today are Inuit, Dene and Cree, the three nations who were trading together at this gathering place long befor ...

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Inuit Culture Examined: The lives of the Inuit people in greenalnd and how water pollution is destroying their culture and forcing them to change their traditions.

Inuit Culture ExaminedThe lives of the Inuit people are very much at risk by consuming large amounts ... uch at risk by consuming large amounts of PCB's, mercury and other toxins. As tradition has it, the Inuit people mostly eat what they can hunt, catch or find which usually include the latest marine ma ... s are more commonly absorbed into the fat cells of the blubber, which makes up the main diet of the Inuit people who also use it throughout their culture. The consumption of blubber and its inherent p ...

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The relationship between language and thought, and assess one explanation of the relationship between language and thought

the isolation from culture and environment e.g.: whorf wasn't there to consider all the aspect.The Inuit have a range of words for snow, but when furthered research it was only about 12 overall, they ...

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Comparing two documentaries,One day in September and Nanook of the north (modern and old)

ents of the Munich Olympics.The second documentary I watched was Nanook of the north, a story of an Inuit and his family's life. This documentary is said to be the first feature length documentary eve ...

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The Cree Indians of North America

orts of fruits and vegetables. They Cree did a lot of trading with other Native Americans, like the Inuits. They would also trade with the British and French for metal, horses, and other goods. They w ...

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An essay about the human remains of the inuit mummies of GReenland. Evaluates the scientific techniques used on the human remains and what the results show about the society of the ancient inuit life.

YEAR 11 ASSESSMENT TASKHUMAN REMAINSThe Inuit Mummies of GreenlandQilakitsoq is a remote spot on the west coast of Greenland, about 450km no ... out a thousand years ago, occupied this spot. The Thule Culture are the ancestors of the modern day Inuit, who still inhabit the Arctic. Qilakitsoq was a winter encampment, comprising a number of ston ... res.In October 1972, two brothers, Hans and Jokum Gronvold, were out hunting close to this deserted Inuit settlement when they came across a natural rock overhang about 200m from the closest structure ...

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Aboriginal Land Claims Law ISP

s of their country and their descendents. In Canada, they are separated into three groups: Indians, Inuit, and Metis. There is an aboriginal title given to these three groups, and it is based on their ... ) was, notably, the first major land cession deal signed since the early twentieth century. It gave Inuit and Cree people in northern Québec significant amounts of money - $225 million - and hu ...

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Franz Boas

ographic research on the impact of the physical environment on native migrations.While studying the Inuit of Baffin Island he developed a strong interest in non-westerncultures. Boas stayed with the I ... e observation, analysis and interpretation of human environmentalrelations in the arctic, i.e., the Inuit's organization of the utilization of space and recoursesin a seasonal rhythm under specific na ...

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"Nanook of the North"

between humans and nature's unforgiving elements. Over the course of a year, the movie's subjects--Inuit Nanook and his family--must hunt, fish, and build an igloo to survive in the pristine but inho ... ative liberties with his film. Nanook and his "family" were actually not a family at all. They were Inuit people, whom Flaherty thought to be especially photogenic, hired and paid to be in the film. M ...

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Nanook of the North (1922)

forgiving environment of an icy land near Inukjuaq, on Hudson Bay in arctic Quebec, Canada Eskimos (Inuit) included hunting, fishing, trading, and migrating with little or no industrial technology. F ... the film after ten years of his experience. Although many criticized his film due to inaccuracy of Inuit life in the 20th century, the film is still recognized as one of the best ever made today.

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"Bloodflowers" by W.D. Valgardson - Personal Response

almost a daily basis when I went to live in one of these remote communities for a month.Many of the Inuit people that live in isolated northern communities, such as the one I visited, don't follow the ... ing Danny's story, in order to sustain the land, their community, and its people. Whether it be the Inuit living in Nunavut or tribes in Africa, this is factual today in many isolated parts of the world.

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Kinship Diagram

amily represents the Eskimo system of living because we are a close working family. In an Eskimo or Inuit system both the father side and the mother side have equal importance. In my family that is al ...

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profession and location in the world, people sleep for different amounts of time. For example, "the Inuit (Eskimos) endured the perpetual and tedious Arctic winter nights by sleeping for 14 hours a da ...

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Highlights Of The Agreements (nunavut)

da's frozen north is part of a promising hope for the future of its people. Mostly populated by the Inuit who were its original inhabitants, the formation of Nunavut and its agreement is an opportunit ... establishment of Nunavut, all main government decisions were made in the south and the needs of the Inuit were neglected. Mainly because of distance, capitals that are required to create any significa ...

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International Trade Dispute :canada And Europe Seal Products Cases.

ith Article III because there is no competitive disadvantage existing in Canada seals products. The Inuit Exception stands for a real problem for the EU.The recent circumstances are much more complex. ... es are much more complex. It seems that the Europe unions completely state it is obliged to exclude Inuit-hunted seal products from the regulation, which cites "the UN Declaration on the Rights of Ind ...

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The Impact of Globalization on Culture

more so among indigenous or non-western cultures. Some examples of these are the Iranian cultures, Inuit cultures, and the Maasai cultures. The impact of globalization on these cultures can have bene ... in some sort of women's rights. Another example of a culture affected by globalization includes the Inuit culture from the arctic north. This is a culture of people who have always relied on living of ...

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