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Nuclear Medicine Speech. assessment details: present an oral report on a subject of your choice (3 - 10 minutes in length). include power point presentation.

a radioactive isotope of that original stable isotope. This process is called fission. For example, Iodine-131, which is useful in nuclear medicine, is produced in a thermal nuclear reactor by a rod o ... tope Tellurium-131.The Tellurium then undergoes spontaneous decay that results in the production of Iodine-131. After a period of approximately thirty days the rod is removed and the Tellurium and Iod ...

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Radioactive Iodine and the Effects on the Human Body

re are over thirty known isotopes of Iodine, but the most common of the isotopes are Iodine-129 and Iodine-131. Since this review of literature focuses towards nuclear fallouts of Iodine, I-131 will b ... ghter side, however, it is also a life saver when it comes to curing thyroid cancer. In conclusion, Iodine-131 is by far the most important isotope of the element for its properties and effects on the ...

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