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Precipitation Reactions

PRECIPITATION REACTION WILL OCCUR?Solubility rules are useful summaries of information about which ionic compounds (or combinations of ions) are soluble in water and which are not. They are also impo ...

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The application of Electrolysis?

means the splitting of compounds using electricity.ElectrolysisElectrolysis is the splitting up of ionic compounds into their constituents using an electric charge. However for this, the salt has to ... nstituents using an electric charge. However for this, the salt has to conduct electricity. However ionic compounds do not conduct electricity in solid state (because there are no free moving ions to ...

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Acid Rain and its effects on society

liquid and an acid.acid we know that when a positive ion combines with a negative ion, it forms an ionic compound. We also know that when dissolved in water (in aqueous state), all ionic compounds sp ... l ionic compounds split into their positive and negative ions. An acid can also be classified as an ionic compound but it has one specialty. An acid is an ionic compound which contains an H + ion. Thi ...

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Enthalpy Of Solution Lab Report Assessed on: * Data Collection and Processing (DCP) * Conclusion and Evaluation (CE)

y of the solution created when dissolving Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) in water (H2O).TheoryWhen a solid ionic compound is dissolved in water a change of enthalpy is involved. The enthalpy of a solution, & ...

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it is called covalent bonding.When metallic elements react with non-metallic elements they produce ionic compounds. The metal atoms lose electrons to form positive ions. The atoms of non-metals gain ... e stable electronic structure of a noble gas. The oppositely charged ions attract each other in the ionic compound and this is called ionic bonding.Elements in Group 1 of the periodic table have atoms ...

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