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Radioactivity and waste disposal

ving species living on this planet.Some atoms can disintegrate spontaneously. As they do, they emit ionizing radiation. Atoms having this property are called radioactive. By far the greatest number of ...

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Nuclear Radiation: Effects, Facts and how we can stop it.

microwaves, radio waves, cell phones, etc. This type of radiation is not harmful. It is called "non-ionizing" radiation. But the radiation that comes from nuclear power is called "ionizing" radiation, ...

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Irradiation of food as a preservative

food safe to eat. While regular pasteurization uses heat, irradiation uses a type of energy called ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation is radiation that has enough energy, that it can remove the e ... destroys the bacteria in food and why it is more beneficial than pasteurization. The high energy in ionizing radiation, when concentrated at one point, breaks down chemical bonds in molecules, which c ...

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Excellence in patient care depends upon: the application of sound ethical principles, good communication and the understanding, participation in and utilisation of research findings.

hers make every effort to provide quality patient care and are particularly concerned with limiting radiation exposure to patients, themselves, and others. This includes the selective use of films, sc ... 999 and IR(ME)R 2000. The first one deals with the health and safety of those working with ionising radiation and its policed by the health and safety executive. The second deals with the safe and eff ...

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Is Food Irradiation safe?

in foods. The process if irradiating food involves exposing food to carefully controlled amounts of ionizing radiation for a specific time to achieve desired results. When food is irradiated the nutri ...

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Organic Food Is Better Than Conventional Food

thetic fertilizer made with synthetic ingredients, conventional pesticides, genetic engineering, or ionizing radiation (, 2007). Conventional foods are the food that produced by using ...

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The Future of Cancer. A look into how we plan on solving the cure for cancer

y ultraviolet rays, x-rays, and gamma rays cause cancer in humans. This kind of radiation is called ionizing radiation (Crowell “Radiation and Cancer”).The main cause for cancer is a weak im ...

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Wireless Networking, Personal Area Networks

luate their possible impact on an existing systemInfrared TechnologyAs depicted in Fig. 1, infrared radiation is the region of the electromagnetic spectrum between microwaves and visible light. In inf ... dio, which may be far worse due simply to proximity. We might be also be worried about the magnetic radiation or magnetically induced electrical fields which surround us from the fluorescent light fix ...

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Research Proposal: Are radiographers capable of undertaking the role of Practitioner under IR (ME) R?

refore set in 2000 and it requires that every request for an imaging procedure involving the use of ionizing radiation be justified by a Practitioner before the investigation proceeds. However, there ... e main objective of this research is to determine the most qualified medical practitioner to handle ionizing radiation in the UK. Why studying this objective, the research will also determine the chal ...

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Risk Associated With Cell Phones

s operate with radio frequencies (RF) and create electromagnetic fields (EMF). They do not emit the ionizing radiation associated with DNA damage. As the technology has developed, lower levels of RF a ...

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