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Anonymity and Internet Privacy, Reality or Myth?

ne.One of the most basic ways of keeping you're Internet connection anonymous is by spoofing you're IP (internet protocol) address. By spoofing I mean masking it with another IP. This is done by a met ... By spoofing I mean masking it with another IP. This is done by a method commonly known as "Bouncing IP". For the beginning user, this can easily be implemented by using a Proxy Server. "Proxies are ca ...

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Should the Hong Kong SAR seize control of its country code top level domain ('ccTLD') to establish a "sovereign domain" in the manner described by Greg Hagen?

ave been put forward in academic circles.A domain name is simply an alphabetic representation of an IP address, which consists of a series of numbers. A domain name is more 'memorable' then an IP addr ... utonomous, instead each of these bodies regulates their domain names according to the contractual stipulations dictated by ICANN.The reason why ICANN has such immense control over the Internet is simp ...

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The ABC'S of 'Hacking' Part 1

tence than any real technical skill they pound for minutes on end configuring their networks and manipulating webs of other LANs laying LAN mines for future warriors to find and conquer that gauntlet ... like universities you can go ICANN and do a reverse DNS lookup and find out the publicly available IP addresses allocated to that company. Those different address ranges are the point of your attack. ...

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Data Communications: Wide Area Networks

und in WAN environments that are used in WAN implementations include routers, ATM switches, and multiplexers. These are described below.A WAN switch is a multiport internetworking device used in carri ... e to a destination. When we say "best route," we consider parameters like the number of hops (the trip a packet takes from one router or intermediate point to another in the network), time delay and c ...

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Explain what IPv6 is, and why it is being developed?

The Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is a protocol for sending information across sometimes-unreliable networks with the assurance th ... cross sometimes-unreliable networks with the assurance that it will arrive in uncorrupted form. TCP/IP allows efficient and reasonably error-free transmission between different systems and is the stan ... t important layers are the Internet Protocol and Transmission Control Protocol.As we have seen, TCP/IP is the protocol used throughout the Internet. The first character in a packet header shows the ve ...

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Firewalls Why is a firewall valuable?

e, and ease of administration.What does it Do A firewall may consist of several pieces of equipment and may include a router, a gateway server, and an authentication server. Firewalls monitor i ... t, repackage, and/or discard packets. Packets may be filtered based on their source and destination IP address, source and destination TCP port numbers, setting of bits in the TCP header, and so on.By ...

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Business Web Hosting Design and Determination

or account is credited for downtime. Both companies also offer Complete Network redundancy.Size of PipelineThe host computer is connected to the Internet backbone typically by T1, T3 or fiber-optic li ... sIX Web hosting offers virtual hosting and 1 free domain registration. It also offers one dedicated IP addresses, which will enable your company to access your files even if the domain is down. IX Web ...

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Design of communication systems

................7Designated Router Election ......................................................8RIP redistribution...................................................................9Route Summariza ... etting a subnet and it can be used to maximize addressing efficiency. VLSM is a means of allocating IP addressing resources to subnets according to their individual need rather than some general netwo ...

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IPv6: The Next Step

IPv6 ExaminedInternet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), also known as IP Next Generation (IPng), is the nex ... sion 6 (IPv6), also known as IP Next Generation (IPng), is the next stage of the Internet Protocol (IP) and has become a part of IP support in many computing products. IPv6 is a new version of IP, whi ... uting products. IPv6 is a new version of IP, which is designed to be the next incremental step from IPv4. It was designed to run on high performance networks, such as Gigabit Ethernet, OC-12, ATM, etc ...

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Internet explorer is up and running, click on the address section, in the address section type the IP address or will also work.4. You should now be looking at the DiscZerver ...

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rd systems hackers still manage to hack into computers and use this information either to steal, manipulate systems or even worst wreak havoc. So if we all know that even governments are not spared an ...

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In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Course

f a remote host provides information such as usernames, their associated real names, idle time, and IP addresses of users logged onto the target host at the time (, 2007).ShowmountThe UNIX c ... u to control the server and communicate with other servers on the network (UNIX Man Pages, 2001).A pipe is a feature of UNIX that allows a user to multiple commands together in one line. It passes dat ...

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October Sky

Hacking for Dummies Contents of Volume 2: Internet for Dummies Linux! Introduction to TCP/IP Port Surfing! ____________________________________________________________ GUIDE TO (mostly) HARM ... ______________________ GUIDE TO (mostly) HARMLESS HACKING Vol. 2 Number 1 Internet for Dummies -- skip this if you are a Unix wizard. But if you read on you'll get some more kewl hacking instructions. ...

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The Art Of Subnetting

ons. One must understand the concept of binary conversions and effortless algebra. For example, the IP address (which is an address that resides at the 3rd layer of the OSI model) is presented in dott ... et) are too long to write out. Moreover, there is room for err in the aforementioned procedure. The IP address: is 10110000.00000101.00000000.00000000 in its true form. The first two octets ...

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Computer Networks: Are They Worth It?

spects of this research. These aspects could include problems such as, duplicate and running out of IP addresses, inhibited network growth, and troubleshooting difficulty.[10] If these aspects signifi ... ndings on a much larger scale, and maybe develop a method or two into inventing new networking principles. If nothing is found, then we can be sure that we have a good idea of what is actually going o ...

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Client/Server Process, and Client/Server Security

ncoming packet is flagged, it will not be allowed through. Firewalls can be customized by protocol, IP address, domain name, ports, or specific words or phrases. Many operating systems come with a bui ...

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A Beginner's Guide to Hacking - Part 1

ructive. They are one reason that caused the pollution of the term 'hacker'. Many black hats are script kiddies, or 'skiddies'. This is a term used to identify people who download programs and use the ... eparate access to different network PC's and features, and allow for easier network management.-TCP/IPYou probably use the web a lot, as do milions of others. But do you know what happens internally, ...

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A Computer's Internet Protocol (IP) Address

Every computer on the internet has a unique address, called an IP address that distinguishes it from other computers on the internet. Currently, two version of IP ... istinguishes it from other computers on the internet. Currently, two version of IP addresses exist: IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4) and IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6). An IPv4 address has two p ... omputer resides and a second part to pinpoint the specific computer or host within that network. An IPv6 address has three parts: a global prefix to identify the network, a subnet to identify the loca ...

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Maxi Intergration Project - Fraud on the Internet

0Total Hours297 millionSource: FTC web site, 2003�Introduction"What is the relationship between Identity Theft & The Internet and committing online fraud? Identity theft continues t ... minimize this unethical business practice, Netizens (citizens of the Internet) must actively participate in reducing vulnerabilities. It's important to ensure the proper security measures are in plac ...

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file called himself) was extremely good at 1980's games such as Joust and Fire. She would track his IP address' log-in times and dates so she could play games with him. After a few weeks of playing ga ... was Elemenoepei, had been cast under a semi-eternal spell by an evil witch-character-virus named Ellipsica because of her jealousy of Elemenoepei's immense beauty and gaming skills. This spell constri ...

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