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Stress in Phonetics

essary to release each one into a momentary puff of breath (symbolized here by superscript [h]).The IPA diacritic for stress is a short vertical line ['] placed before the symbol for the stressed soun ... here the stress-mark, often an accent [´], is placed on, or after, the stressed syllable. The IPA practice of placing the stress-mark before the sound or syllable to be stressed is of some pract ...

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Using phonemic transcription in teaching English pronunciation in schools in Hong Kong

in the world and Hong Kong is no exception. There is no doubt that International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is widely used for phonemic transcription, which only concerns with the phonemes in a given wor ... ar as possible.Therefore, this paper concentrates on discussing the importance of knowing and using IPA symbols for learners of English, highlighting the immense advantages and possible drawbacks of i ...

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