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Women in Ethnic Minoritys in Ireland.

as begun to diminish. In 1972 a clause recognizing the "special position" of the Catholic Church in Irish society was removed from the constitution. Since then, the Church has continued to play a larg ... s continued to play a large role in politics, but not always successfully. So far, it has convinced Irish voters to uphold restrictions on abortion, but it failed in its efforts to keep divorce illega ...

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With reference to any one dimension of social inequality, show what interests, structures and agents are involved in its construction and maintenance?

and agents are involved in its construction and maintenance?The aim of this essay is to discuss the Irish Travellers as an ethnic minority group. It will highlight the interests of this disadvantaged ... egal and bureaucratic structures help to maintain and institutional structure of discrimination.The Irish Travellers have attracted scholarly attention since the late nineteenth century and have been ...

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History of relations between people with different cultures

troductionThe purpose of this essay is to discuss the history of relations and conflict between the Irish traveller community and those of the settled community in Ireland which is referred to as an i ... d to move from place to place over the years they have been called tinkers which descended from the Irish wording tinceir meaning tin smith in Irish as travellers in the past were tradesmen and Pavees ...

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