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What factors led to the provision of Britain's fourth television channel? How did Channel Four change public service broadcasting?

, educate and entertain. This set of values had continued to grow as television progressed and even ITV had somehow incorporated it into their set of values, although the way in which they interpreted ... ing love of America's pop music. Their tastes were for classical music and other similar types. The ITV were now very popular also but still, it was not showing programs that were either diverse or ra ...

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Blind Date Vs Who wants to be a millionaire.

nts to be a millionaire?' and 'Blind Date'. 'Who wants to be a millionaire' is a quiz show shown on ITV at 8. 00 p.m. weekends. The object is to try to win £1000000, hence the name 'who wants to ... wants to be a millionaire'. However, Blind Date is conducted in a very similar way to chat shows on ITV at 7:30 p.m. Saturdays.As the sequence is of a brand news series of Blind Date, the audience cle ...

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Critique on an example of public relation: Homepage of iTV.

Reason for choosing this PR exampleHong Kong Telecom rolled out Interactive TV (iTV), one of the world's first large-scale video-on-demand (VOD) services at the end of 1997. Citize ... h organization reaches the public with repacked messages.OrganizationThis PR example is working for iTV, which is one of the services provided by Hong Kong Telecom.Intended publicsThere are seven main ... bers, media, suppliers, community neighbour and advertisers. All of them shared a common interest - iTV. Either subscribers to the service or not, these publics are interested in installing iTV, wante ...

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A Film analysis of the beginning segment of the film 'Welcome to Sarajevo' (good for film orals)

ted by Micahel Winterbottom, is based on a true story, follows Michael Henderson and his news team, ITV, to war-torn Sarajevo. It's 1992 and the city has just seen its worst fighting as Bosnian Serbs ...

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Swot and pestel analysis of tv industry in uk

d an 4.6 billion merger which is an major landmark in the television industry. The merger increases ITV television advertising market hold to 52%. This enlargement of the company has significantly inc ... evision advertising market hold to 52%. This enlargement of the company has significantly increased ITV impact on the competitive side of the market. Mrs Hewitt regional franchises quoted "ITV would b ...

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In what ways has Channel 4 altered the landscape of British television broadcasting for its competitors?

an Report argued for a 'third force' in British broadcasting to break up the duopoly of the BBC and ITV. The two opposing views previously to this had been (1) for the creation of an ITV2, and (2) for ... proportion of matter calculated to appeal to tastes and interests and not generally catered for by ITV' and a 'suitable proportion of programmes...of an educational nature' it was also to 'encourage ...

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To what extent has racism been a part of English football?

ampions league semi-final match between Monaco and Chelsea Ron Atkinson was working as a pundit for ITV. Ron Atkinson has been involved in football for over 40 years. After his playing career was over ... Ron Atkinson was racist. Although he has since apologised, he has been forced to quit his job with ITV, and has lost his role writing a column for the guardian newspaper.The following is an exert fro ...

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Liberate Technology and iTV

elevision and the internet. The product that will behitting the market in the near future is called iTV, which is an abbreviation for Interactive television.People will be able to plump themselves on ... e beginning rate for the stock $2.67, so the decrease hasn't been too tremendous. If the demand for iTV is as high as people say it is going to be, the stock value is going to have a sufficient increa ...

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Assignment: 1) Compare broadsheet and tabloid newspapers 2) Compare Broadcast news 3) Compare the newspaper's headlines with the headlines of the broadcast news

ing more "life" into the whole program.I am comparing the broadcast news of the TV-channels BBC and ITV.This news stories have been broadcasted on BBC in following order:1. Tory resigns over adoption ... ists win election landslide3. Theft charges in Beckham case and so on ....While the news stories on ITV have been sent in this order:1) Beckham: five due in court2) Burrell thanks public for support3) ...

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Gender stereotypes on TV

, seen today in programmes such as 'Today With Des and Mel', 'The Terry and Gaby Show' and both the ITV and BBC's main news broadcasts.The job roles of males and females on TV differ greatly. The job ...

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Human Rights

ns" He goes on to say it was a "gross breach of human rights." Mr al-Harith (Dergoul's lawyer) told ITV network an interrogator at Guantanamo applied intense psychological pressure, telling him author ...

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Government And The Media

't have quite as much influence over the running and broadcasting of the commercial models that are ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, and possibly even less over the broadcasting and running of the Digita ... , 1998).The 1990 Broadcasting Act however, was the transformation point and as a result of the Act, ITV's franchise went to the highest bidder "“ the government were happy to award the licenses t ...

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Environmental and Competitive Analysis of Easyjet

amBack in 1999 easyJet gained free mass exposure to an audience of around 9 million viewers through ITV's 'fly on the wall' documentary series 'Airline'.The launch of in 1997 has become an ... ve advertising strategies developed to reinforce the easyJet brand along with mass exposure through ITV's 'Airport'•Good knowledge of the market and effective responses to competitors attempting ...

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Future Market Conditions: Apple, Inc.

s. iTunes is a barrier to entry for anyone wanting to compete in the same space as iPod, iPhone and iTV (and whatever future iTunes-managed products Apple releases). There are hundreds of millions of ...

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