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Where is Psychoanalytic Criticism coming from? And What does that mean?

, with each phase corresponding to a season of the year and to peculiar cycles of human experiences.Jacques Lacan believes that the unconscious greatly affects our conscious behavior. According to Lac ...

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Subjectivity: Psycho-literary Aspect

ransformed any belief in the subject as a coherent, rational and conscious being. Sigmund Freud and Jacques Lacan's theories have been most widely used in relation to literary studies, but [keep in mi ...

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How useful is psychoanalysis when viewed from feminist perspectives? Identify and discuss the main criticisms that have been made of the work of Freud, as well as the main strengths.

inguistic) importance of the mother. (Beasley, C (1999). The second groupings draw upon the work of Jacques Lacan, an interpreter of Freud's analytic method which provides a linguistic view of Freud. ... /socialist feminists with such viewpoints being extremely diverse. They include the writers such as Jacqueline Rose and Juliet Mitchell, whose earlier work was clearly more within the Marxist/Socialis ...

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Critique of a Postmodern Philosophy

re-linguistic) importance of the mother (Beasley, 1999). The second grouping draws upon the work of Jacque Lacan, an interpreter of Freud's analytic method which provides a linguistic view of Freud. T ...

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Psychoanalysis and King Lear

mother and to seek other subjects outside the family (Rivkin and Ryan, 1998. 39).Theorists such as Jacques Lacan shift the stress to the pre-oedipal stage; and so the focus is on the experience of th ...

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