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Catcher In The Rye Response by J.D Sallinger

m self as a loner if you will, but more along the lines of wanting to be comparable to a rebellious James Dean sort of man, trying to carry out his fantasies threw the character in his novel, Holden. ...

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American Ideals: American Cinema. This essay is about how the ideal american is depicted in the cinema.

People came to terms with referring to Americans as "cowboys" like John Wayne. Soon after came the James Dean movies and other like 12 Angry Men. Through the year American movies had helped change th ...

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Comparison between "Catcher in the Rye" and "Rebel without a cause"

strives towards acceptance while Holden does not. If Catcher in the Rye had been made into a movie, James Dean would have been the perfect actor to play the part of Holden, since his portrayal of Jim ...

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James Byron Dean.

James Byron DeanJames Byron Dean was born February 8, 1931, in the Seven Gables apartment, in Marion ... s apartment, in Marion, Indiana. His parents were Winton and Mildren Dean, formerly Mildren Wilson. James stayed in Indiana until he was six. His dad, who was a dental technician, moved the family to ... les. (Actually his dad was transferred to California by the government) When four years had passed, James's mom became ill and passed away. He went back to Indiana, where he lived with his aunt and un ...

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Nike- The Biggest Training Shoe Company

g arena; for the first time they were perceived as a youth fashion item, worn by film stars such as James Dean and featured in popular movies like the West Side Story. While the boom in sales of gym s ...

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Historical reading of Peter Weir's film 'Dead Poets Society'.

to hold them back from being different. The world of Hollywood changed drastically as stars such as James Dean and Marilyn Monroe portrayed characters that were exciting new symbols of rebellion. Jame ...

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The Correlation of Rebel Without a Cause (the movie witth James Dean) and the Adolescent Brain

rs set in the era of the 1950's.The film begins with the main character, Jim Stark who is played by James Dean, as a juvenile delinquent brought into the police station. He was brought in because he w ...

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History Of Jeans:Decade 3 Paragraphs Teacher: Very Complete and full of details

1950's, teenagers liked jeans. It was the sign of the teenage rebel in TV programs and movies (like James Dean in the 1955 movie Rebel Without a Cause). Some schools in the USA banned students from we ... e Elvis. In movies like "The Wild One" and "Rebel Without a Cause," figures like Marlon Brandon and James Dean seemed like tough guys in jeans and T-shirt. Even parents and other adults started to wea ...

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What an ideal clasroom would be like

ere. The aura that the room holds is something that I will never forget. Famous quotes, pictures of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe, and papers/poems written by past students and her line the walls. It ...

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This is about when I found out my friend killed herself.

my cousin told me a very true quote, "Dream as if you'd live forever, Live as if you'd die today." -James Dean. Life is too important to not live it to the greatest extent you can. Even when everythin ...

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A Race to Death

From the era of James Dean, illegal street racing was the popular thing to do among the rebels of the time. Movies l ... to the floor? These cars with rebels behind the wheels are driving faster and more recklessly than James Dean could ever have imagined.Much like a drug addict, illegal street racers put other lives a ... E D:Garcia. "Weekends are such a Drag." The Arizona Republic.Online. Internet 3 October 2002Lopez. "James Dean all Over Again." Time. Vol 151 (1998): pg 4McGonegal. "Got tarmac?" Hot Rod. Vol 52 (1999 ...

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Analysis of an American Tradition: Smoking

ave lung cancer from smoking. But smoking is “cool” right? “Humphrey Bogart is cool. James Dean is cool. Smoking is Cool. Being thin is cool. Smoking cigarettes will make you thin” ...

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Did the films "Rebel Without a Cause" and "The Day the Earth Stood Still" serve as good historical artifacts for the 1950s era? How so? What did you learn about that decade by watching these films?

llion, hate and fear.The defiance of the era can be seen in the film Rebel without a Cause starring James Dean. The film portrayed a rift between the teenagers of the generation and their parents. The ...

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History Of Teenagers

e large interest of teens in movies. But, one of the most well remembered actors of this decade was James Dean. In 1953, James Dean's second major film, "Rebel Without a Cause"�, debuted and so ... us for. On September 30, 1955, only a few days after completing work on the movie, "Giant"�, James Dean was killed in a car crash. Fortunately for later generations, his legacy lived on.Teenage ...

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Bob Dylan

he son of a middle-class store owner. As a teenager he lived in Hibbing, Minnesota and was a fan of James Dean movies, enjoyed riding motorcycles and listened to R&B music on the radio. He really ...

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Rebel without a Cause

s to see his weak father, who is always ?hen-pecked? by his mother, to stand up to his mother. Jim (James Dean) does not want to become a ?chicken? like his father. Jim becomes filled with rage when s ...

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White noise

opaganda, Hitler was a superstar and a sex idol in Germany in the 1930's and 1940's : he was Elvis, James Dean and John F. Kennedy all rolled into one, not to mention his fascination with death. Since ...

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Memories of the 1950’s

ough Elvis was great there were other people that made the 1950?s memorable too, like his teen idol James Dean, and who can forget the day that music died and the famous the famous beauty Marilyn Monr ... ouse Rock, Love me Tender, and Fun in Acapulco. His acting proved that he was greatly influenced by James Dean.Elvis was a huge fan of James Dean and was greatly influenced by him. Bonnie Brown, a clo ...

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The Rebel Hollywood Cinema

raw on two movies. The first is Rebel Without a Cause (1955), directed by Nicholas Ray and starring James Dean, Natalie Wood and Sal Mineo. The second film is Get Shorty (1995) John Travolta, Gene Hac ... f summary of both films. Rebel Without a Cause is a tale about a teenager named Jim Stark played by James Dean, who has been moved from town to town by his family because of his tendency to get in tro ...

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Genre Analysis/Social Genre: Rebel Without a Cause

genre and the period of social upheaval that it portrays. Playing the lead role of Jim Stark, actor James Dean personifies the film’s central theme, a tortuous longing to belong and be loved, unc ... mize this new role, which required being simultaneously strong and gentle, menacing and vulnerable. James Dean’s portrayal of the troubled Jim Stark is one and the other is exemplified by Marlon ...

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