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This is a creative piece where I write as if I am James Wolfe and it is in relation to the Battle of Plains of Abrahams.

I knew my destiny at a young age, I had a clear vision for myself and fought to succeed at it. I am James Wolfe, a professional soldier. I was born at the vicarage in Westerham, Kent, on the second of ... r the enemy gave way on all sides.Many years have passed in Canadian History, and I a descendant of James Wolfe received this life account of his. What kind of person would I be, if I do not finish hi ...

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History Notes on the British Conquest of New France.

& prolonged siege"ÃPlains of Abraham"X1759, 2 month siege, Quebec Falls"XBritish General James Wolfe defeats French General Louis-Joseph Montcalm"XSeptember 1760, French at Montreal surrend ... settlers"XProtection for Canadien way of life (traditional laws & RC) (Vague)"ÃGovernor James Murray"XDidn't introduce elected assemblyƒ©British Colonists wanted 2 elect reps., m ...

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Why were the British unsuccessful in the early years of the French and Indian war? What developments caused the tide to turn?

, Louisbourg fell to theBritish. Quebec was next on Pitt's list. For this crucial mission,Pitt sent James Wolfe to take Quebec. The French under the Marquis deMontcalm encountered the British under Wo ...

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Spanish Cheat Notes

e.The French and Indian War is also called "The 7 years war." The British force under General James Wolfe surprised the French at Quebec and captures the city in 1759 St. Lawrence River.Canada a ...

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