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Racial Prejudice and Our Children

en were taught an important lesson, about discrimination and racism. A brave teacher by the name of Jane Elliott wanted to find some way for her class to understand the assassination of Martin Luther ... on from generation to generation. When you put these two attitudes together, you have exactly what Jane Elliott found in her classroom, except on a national scale.Studies show that even young babies ...

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pbs document response

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Most classic studies in social and developmental psychology were conducted at least 30 years ago. Why are there so few modern classics?

ildren's social development, and as such added a new dimension to behaviourism. Last but not least, Jane Elliott's blue-eyed versus brown-eyed experiment (1968). In Jane Elliot's exercise, she divided ... elves were really stupid. The brown-eyed people in the class were doing well in class and were that Jane described as 'nasty, vicious and discriminating little third graders'. Because they were associ ...

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