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How does Hitchcock use cinematography to manipulate the emotions of his audience?

transformed the way we see films at cinemas today. One motivation for this demand was for one, that Janet Leigh - already a 1960's star and the only 'known' individual in the film - was 'killed off' i ... of the time would go to see 'Psycho' for the reason that one of the biggest sex icons of the time - Janet Leigh - was in it. Another reason would be that late arrivals wouldn't feel the immense, nerve ...

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Psycho - by Alfred Hitchcock 1960 as compared to the 1998 version by Gus Van Sant.

w then and had no idea what to expect. When Marion stands up to leave the conversation, the actress Janet Leigh is positioned perfectly, so the raven appeared to sit directly on her shoulder, symbolis ...

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Compare and contrast three films by give your own definition to film terms such as distortion,montage and expressionisitic.

s just completed a seedy, lunch-time tryst. Attractive, single middle-aged secretary, Marion Crane (Janet Leigh), wearing only a prominent white bra and slip and reclining back on a double bed, is wit ...

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Hitchcock: A Signature Style

storyteller, he knew that sometimes a scene could be more intense by what the audience did not see. Janet Leigh's character is a good woman who has done a bad deed. She is an antihero who becomes a vi ... true nature as Hitchcock casts him in the shadows among the stuffed birds in his office starring at Janet Leigh through a peep hole. When the attack on Janet Leigh begins we see only a brief glance of ...

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How Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho Fits In To The Basic Feature Film Narrative Structure

ccession of non-autonomous scenes to describe how the apparent protagonist, Marian Crane (played by Janet Leigh), decides to steal $40,000, flee her home in Phoenix and undertake a long automobile tri ...

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Classical and Postclassical Narrative

is clearly evident in Psycho in the characters of Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) and Marion Crane (Janet Leigh). Norman is an extremely complex, multi-layered character with clear traits. He seems sh ...

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Norman Bates

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