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Law of Inverse Returns. The law of inverse returns states that the better the foreign learner's Japanese is, the worse the reaction of the Japanese native population will be to the learner's use of J

1996Shoji AzumaJapan 355 - 1The law of inverse returns states that the better the foreign learner's Japanese is, the worse the reaction of the Japanese native population will be to the learner's use o ... tion will be to the learner's use of Japanese. In this paper, I argue that the better the learner's Japanese is, the better the treatment to the learner of Japanese from native Japanese. I will argue ...

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What's a Tsunami?

The word "tsunami" comes from the Japanese language, describing very long, low seismic sea waves. They are are triggered by seismic di ...

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Kaizen !

lace KAIZEN means continuing improvement involving everyone - managers and workers alikeKAIZEN is a Japanese word meaning gradual and orderly, continuous improvement. The KAIZEN business strategy invo ... s friends should take a good look at him to see what changes have befallen him" quoted from the old Japanese saying, describes how natural KAIZEN is.In our concepts, three functions should happen simu ...

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Letter to: Prime Minister Mackenzie King.

Prime Minister Mackenzie King,I am one of the thousands of Japanese Canadians that were mistreated during the Second World War. I am writing to you to express ... he war were well made, you made a grave mistake when you chose to imprison Canada's entire resident Japanese.First of all, most of the people you imprisoned were only Japanese in their ancestry. Most ... Japanese in their ancestry. Most of us had lived in Canada all our lives and didn't even speak the Japanese language. To the Japanese we were Canadian, but to the Canadians we were Japanese. The Japa ...

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s of communication by the two aunts play a role in Naomi's lifestyle choice: Obasan with her use of Japanese silence and Emily through her straight forwardness. Obasan lives her life through a shell t ... aps her thoughts and feelings inside. She expresses her feelings in her actions and with occasional Japanese phrases. This is evident in the following description by Naomi; "I feel that each breath sh ...

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Case Report

ott¡¦s judgment is based on the U.S. mores, norm and attitude, while Higgins is on the Japanese ones. To apply and implement the U.S. personnel policies in Japanese operation, they two ha ... 25-year career at Weaver abroad, but never in Japan before. For Higgins, he had great knowledge of Japanese language, literature, and history, stayed there for a couple of years and married a Japanes ...

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Awards Outside of the Classroom

e terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, I responed to an urgent call for volunteers who spoke Japanese, French, English and Vietnamese. A rare "quadruple threat" in languages, I received permiss ... was ready to embrace the French language and culture. In subsequent years, I studied Vietnamese and Japanese, which preserve my connection to my Asian roots. Occasionally, I am overwhelmed by t ...

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compare and contrast

ole De Patisserie De Tokio is a professional training college that aims to educate professionals on Japanese confectionery, western confectionery for students' future job. All foreigners are required ... All foreigners are required to attend Japanese language school for at least six months and pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test level 2 in order to enter this institution because all classes ar ...

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