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Describes evolution of the Frankish panoply from the Merovingian to the Carolingian period. compares it to the Roman Legionnaire?

infantry based army--with no armor, small oval shields, and a mixture of arms that included swords, javelins, and franciscas--that still relied upon wild unorganized rushes or the antiquated defensive ...

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Definitions and applications of various conic sections

automobile headlights, and in physics with laws of gravity and the path for thrown objects such as javelins. Satellite dishes and radio telescopes are also built in the shape of parabolas. Important ...

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Roman Army

ared force, well disciplined and well trained. Their weapons were two pila's {spear type weapon} or javelins each and a short thrusting gladius or sword. Cavalry was supplied by the auxilaries (second ...

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Roman battle techniques

ed with a set battle plan. They were total killing machines, each armed with a sword (gladius), two javelins (pilum) and a shield (scuta)When confronting an enemy in battle, the structure of the roman ... ould sound in the Roman ranks and this would be the signal for the legionaries to release their two javelins in quick succession. The visual effect of several thousand javelins in the air at one time ...

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Spain's War Tactics During the Reconquista

inly peasants.Cavalries fought in a normal Spanish way. Knights approached the enemy and then threw javelins. Then, they would turn around, run back, and start all over again.There were three types of ... h the king, and a Goth inheritance. They were equipped with a brace plate, kite shield, long sword, javelins and spears, or a Visigoth double-axe. Their long swords were designed to fight from the hor ...

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Weapons of Rome

e. They also utilized various weapons for different situations. The weapons included daggers, bows, javelins, crossbows, and catapults.The Gladius Hispaniensis was a Spanish dagger. It was meant for c ... it would bend on impact and be unusable for the enemy. After battles, the Romans would retrieve the javelins and be able to pound it back into shape.The crossbow was an early form of the gun. It was a ...

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Synthesis of 3 Major Wars

our shield home, or be on it." The weapons that both sides used were mainly swords, spears, javelins, and bows and arrows. There is a quote that Leonidas is told to have said after an envoy of ...

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