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Rock & Roll: Its effects on our culture

He amazed his family each time he sat down to play. A lot of Johnson=s musical influence came from jazz bands and musicians such ast Art Tatum and Oscar Peterson. Johnson played a radio gig at the ag ...

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The life and times of the master impressionist Peter Sellers

oysius' Boarding and Day School for Boys. In the early 1940s, Sellers played the drums with touring jazz bands and also learned to play the banjo and ukulele. Just after his 18th birthday, Sellers was ...

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"MASTER HAROLD... and the boys" page notes

igger"pg. 5:Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers(famous Hollwood dance team)pg. 6:Sarah Vaughn - American jazz singerwelfed = welfarepg. 7:hiding = beatingpg. 8:Count Basie = leader of one of the most famou ...

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Overview of the Career: Music Educator

sport Area Senior High School in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. She directs the marching, symphonic, and jazz bands along with various small ensembles and elementary students. I also interviewed Ben Cook, ...

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Billie Holiday

, there were no recordings, nor any plastic for records. Gardenia and her group split up. The white jazz bands wanted her, and she had to try everything. Also, during this time society became very cha ... es, which led her to be a drug abuser.In conclusion, Gardenia remains one of the most famous female jazz singers. The emotional intensity that she put into the words she sings will be remembered by he ...

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History of Music

e vocal or instrumental, and may be performed by soloist or by orchestra, band, or chorus.Moreover, Jazz is a form of music that developed in the United States between 1900 and 1915. The origin of the ... e 1940's no phase of contemporary American music, serious as well as popular, remained untouched by jazz. Jazz bands, magazines, and festivals are found in Japan, in South America, in North Africa, an ...

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Jazz: Urban and Rural Reactions In the 1920s

Subject Area: Music and American CultureTopic: Jazz: Urban and Rural Reactions in the 1920sIn parallel with the uproar of jazz during the 1920s cam ... various geographical settings. Many of the white people living in rural areas disliked and rejected jazz as a musical genre. However, the urban city-dwellers were more fond of it; therefore, it was mo ... quently found in city nightclubs and radio stations. Several characteristics of cities also allowed jazz to survive in urban areas over the rural ones, such as: diversity, tolerance, a more progressiv ...

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