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"The Buzz on Bees"

“The Buzz on Bees”Jeffrey Kluger & Kristina DellTime Magazine 29 October 06Scientists have mapped out the genome o ...

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Global Warming

planet is facing from global warming.In his article "Global Warming: Be Worried. Be Very Worried", Jeffrey Kluger concludes that the changes in weather patterns are being caused by global warming. Kl ... ple are being made aware of the effect of mankind's misuse of the earth.The author of this article, Jeffrey Kluger, is a senior writer for Time Magazine. He generally covers science "in general" and i ...

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Literature review of the articles "What kids (really) NEED?" by Nancy Gibbs and "A Quest For a Super Kid" by Jeffrey Kluger with Alice Park.

d on Time Magazine. As an article by Nancy Gibbs, "What kids (really) NEED?" and another article by Jeffrey Kluger with Alice Park, "A Quest For a Super Kid" published on the 30th of April 2001. Which ...

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